[Kipjo Kenyatta Ewers] Å The First [modern PDF] Ebook Epub Download Å I m giving it four stars because of the story I listened to the audiobook version of it I was easily hooked within The First 10 minutes Let s start with the good.
Good Very good story line Easy to follow and intriguing Character development was done very well Even though I felt the main character was overpowered, she was surround by good plot lines and other characters that still gave her challenges throughout the book Other characters in the book, protagonists and antagonists in the book were written very well He was able to create characters that made you care about what they were doing and why they were doing it Another thing I liked about the book is that it used locations that are not typically used in most sci fi or superhuman books It s easy to get tired of NYC and LA being the main spots for everything Houston and DC are major cities that are very rarely used Mountains in Colorado are even rare I m glad he took us to places that we usually don t see I m glad there was a real world vibe to what was going on Gov t conspiracies, conspiracy theorists, media whores, street level and nation wide reactions Also, even though this was a major thing, everyday issues such domestic violence, inmate treatment, sexual assault, depression, military solider health and just normal moral situations were all addressed.
Okay At first, I hated the audio book speaker Her voice and tone for someone reason annoyed the hell out of me But as the story went along I found her to be okay I think that she was really bad at the beginning of the book, but leveled off somewhere between the 2nd and 4th chapter And eventually, she just became the perfect the voice for the story It s weird, I usually either like the speaker all the way through or hate them all the way through My opinion rarely changes I m thinking it might have just a been comfort thing with her and as she got comfortable, she got much better Night and day The pop culture references Some I found a little awkward, others I found to be very funny I m a DBZ fan and the DBZ references were funny and well placed.
Bad The editing is something that has to be addressed with this book While it didn t bother me much, I know people that would not read it because of the grammatical errors Errors such as using the wrong words, using the wrong tense, incorrect subject verb agreement, etc were things that plagued the book It was weird, you would read hear a chapter that was perfect, then the next chapter would be riddled with grammatical mistakes Like I said, it didn t bother me much as I was able instantly to know what he meant and what was intended, but people will give this book 2 and 3 stars because of that.
I overall really liked the book I believe the strong story line saved it from alot of the editing problems Even when I didn t like the speaker, the story line kept me from turning it off I will also say I don t see many African or African American books in this genre and to find one is something I was happy about.
What I will say to the author is to please get a good editor Your rating on here and other website would probably jump a few tenths of a points addressing the editing issues I m assuming the same issue is with his second book, but I m going to end up listening to that one as well, because I really want to know what happens next.
A fresh new voice, this author is an instant hit with me Vivid characters, intense plot, and a unique take on super powers There s a lot going on here It would make a great movie If you read the synopsis and it sounds interesting, I don t think you will be disappointed.
The First Tells The Origin Story Of Sophia Dennison, The First And Most Powerful Superhuman On The PlanetSophia Dennison Wanted A Normal Life She Wanted To Raise A Family With The Love Of Her Life, And Further Her Medical Career As An Up And Coming Surgeon In Neurology But Everything Changed When She Was Convicted And Sentenced To Death For The Brutal Murder Of Her HusbandAfter Four Years On Death Row, Sophia Takes Her Final Walk In The Mountain View Facility In Gatesville And Is Put To Death By Lethal Injection At AM MidnightSeveral Hours After Her Execution, FBI Agent Mark Armitage Is Called To Investigate A Serious Disturbance At The Prison Upon Arriving He Finds The Place A War Zone After Being Debriefed By His Friend And Partner Dustin Mercer, He Views The Video Tapes And Learns That The Source Of The Destruction Is Sophia Footage Reveals That Seven Minutes After Her Execution She Miraculously Resurrected, Breaking Free Of Her Bonds And Overpowering Several Guards Before Being Viciously Gunned Downed And Dying For A Second TimeSophia Dennison Has Escaped, And Is Now On The Run The Hunt Is On For The First Actual Superhuman I had to manually import this book as it doesn t seem to be here I suspect it will show up separately later However.
I m giving this book 3 stars but that is with someambivalence I suppose would be the word There are some glaring problems here and there are some big problems with the story itself Still it s fairly readable and I m sure some people will like it far than me.
First, the book would profit from the services of a good editor There are somewell a lot of glaring errors, errors like they was following him I usually try not to be too critical of grammar problems but here there are a lot of them and some are just so glaring Sometimes words are even used incorrectly.
Now once we get past that there is the actual plot story I am assuming that you have already read the synopsis It is accurate but what I think some readers would like to know is that this book is filled with angst The protagonist not only suffers but suffers continually and constantly resuffers from what has passed.
Now also, I want to mention this My wife passed away several years ago and I watch mostly what are my favorite type of movies But having had a wife and daughter I was at one time familiar with The Lifetime Movie Network or as I mostly thought of it, The Evil Man Network In other words males were almost always evil Husbands, fathers all were evil The same is almost true of this book added to several other cliches There are few positive male figures and the military doesn t come off looking all that great either So, just be aware of it and know going in that you re going to get that About a couple of other problems I ll say something below a spoiler warning Over all however the book is okay and if you re up for the glitches this seems to be the intro to a angsty superhero universe view spoiler The other things are that the premise here seems to be establishing some supers who would think of Superman as a wimp They d kick his buttand without trying I don t see characters this powerful making a series of good stories I suppose the plots will revolve around the good ones fighting the evil ones.
We also get the evil government conspiracy card here Now I m a small government guy and Government conspiracies don t seem all that far fetched to me That said will they all originate in the military Oh well, sigh and move on hide spoiler read 2 timesJuly 8, 2015It was really good Stayed up too late though, I sleep now Also, typos Epic cool And I mean epic, epic epic cool, but some logic fails and typos seriously I sleep now01 08 2015The version I got of this one on kindleunlimited was missing an incredibly important chunk at about 89% between chapter 23 and 24 Yeah you need that portion, luckily there was another version available Also, I actually think it s adorable how the author keeps using words that are ALMOST the right words XD TL DR VersionIf you have trouble getting through a book with a lot of grammar issues, skip this one.
Slightly longer versionIt got one star for having an interesting premise and a lot of potential that remained unrealized.
I expected it to be better Evidently everyone who received a free copy absolutely loved it, and those were the only reviews I saw before I picked it up I should have delved deeper.
It could have been a fun story if it had been rigorously edited I m not sure that you can go than about three sentences without a glaring error in either grammar or word usage The characters tend toward shallow stereotypes, where they aren t obviously made to be as wildly inappropriate as possible I realize it s supposed to be high drama and high energy but the melodrama of everyone constantly shouting at each other for no apparent reason got tiresome quickly.
read 2 timesJuly 8, 2015Well, consulting the internets, the edition I actually got on my kindle unlimited was THIS one so, to reiterate, epic cool, typos, epic cool, logic fail, epic cool, typos typos, epic cool, I m gonna pin the ratio at 70 30 cool to the not so cool XD01 08 2016I was reading the other version then between chapter 23 and chapter 24 about 89% it was missing an EXTREMELY VITAL chunk XD Thank all the gods this version was available or I would have gone insane woohoo

Holy moly What a twist I did not see It had been a while since I found a book to hold my interest through any other activity happening in my life Enjoyed the whole story and plot though some of the missed editing did throw me off occasionally Some synonyms could have been used so it didn t fee like an exact repeat of a previous sentence.
EvoPublishing Date September 2013ISBN 9780615836690Genre SciFiRating 1.
2 5Publisher Description Sophia Dennison wanted a normal life She wanted to raise a family with the love of her life, and further her medical career as an up and coming surgeon in neurology However, everything changed when she was convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal murder of her husband After four years on death row, Sophia takes her final walk in the Mountain View Facility in Gatesville and is put to death by lethal injection at 12 00 AM Review This started out pretty good Hot chick falsely accused of murdering her husband, some resurrections, super pows and on the run Then a lot of things start to culminate into this synergistic meh The First fail was the lengthy unnecessary back story of characters that really had no relevance to the story line Its used to create this idea of righteous indignation coupled with retribution For example an inmate killed her husband because he molested her niece So we get the whole dam story Who cares and how is this relevant Another problem is that the vengeance bully scenario is constantly worked into the story line Sophia punches out wife beaters, family, hecklers, and cops all while delivering her speech of doom and dismay should you not heed her directives Fug She goes from frail death row damsel to bully jerk The fun doesn t end as there is a big hole in the plot Since matter can neither be created or destroyed, how does a 5 6 , 110 lb woman grow into a 6 foot, 487 lb juggernaut I get that she has super man like powers, but where does she get the mass Additionally there is the idea that some super secret government death squad runs around with patches on their shoulders that identify their group So much for secrecy And how do you carve, let alone fit the sentence Cry out for God to end your life on someone s forehead The grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors are prevalent throughout as is the smug digs at conservatives and Fox news Again, an author alienating readers with their political platforms I have the next installment to wade through So here s to limited hope that this story line will improve.
If it wasn t for the actual storyline I wouldn t even give this one star Extreme misspellings and overt bad grammar Blatantly sacreligious and dialogue worthy of a second grader trying to write a super hero story Sad really that it wasn t edited and proofread better.