[ Pdf Pleating for Mercy (A Magical Dressmaking Mystery, #1) Ä young-readers PDF ] by Melissa Bourbon Ê A decedent of the infamous Butch Cassidy, Harlow Jane Cassidy and all the other Cassidy women through time possess special gifts Harlow is still unsure what her gift actually is when she returns home to Texas from Manhattan Her great grandmother has passed away and left her farmhouse to Harlow Harlow worked as a fashioner designer in New York so she decides to open a custom dressmaking boutique on the main level of her new home.
One of her first customers is her childhood friend Josie, who is getting married in just two weeks The store where she had ordered her bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses has gone out of business and she needs Harlow to save the day and create all the dresses as fast as she can Calamity strikes when the maid of honor is found dead outside of Harlow s shoppe The bride looks like the prime suspect and she now needs than a few dresses She needs her help to find out who killed her friend It turns out Harlow may be able to do this especially with a little bit of unusual help, a little help from the great beyond This story really tugged at my heartstrings I too come from a long line of dressmakers, seamstresses, and people who love to sew My grandmother was known for her beautiful work, making men s suits and wedding dresses along with every other garment thinkable My mother made all my clothes until I started making my own and until my accident I created not only clothes for my family but quilts as well While we may not have possessed any magical powers we found so much joy in what we were able to create.
Harlow s gift with fabric is extraordinary, but it is her late great grandmother that steals the story and will keep you in stitches as she makes her opinions heard The other characters are varied and well written A little bit of romance, loaded with humor and a wonderful mystery made this book a delightful read You can also feel the author s love and talent of sewing jump of the pages She definitely has a passion that shines through.
This was a fun read and would be enjoyed by all but especially those that love to sew It would also make a fabulous gift for anyone who sews If future books follow this pattern some wonderfully constructed mysteries are in our future Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from Obsidian I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
As a disclaimer, I ve always disliked mystery books that included anything magical or paranormal in the story line I just always felt like it wasn t my thing However, as I ve gotten older I think I ve relaxed a little and have found that I do enjoy a little magic in my books It can be quite a bit of fun.
After saying that, this was such a fun start to a series The main characters are well developed and feel so down to earth and friendly that they seemed like they could be my own neighbors There were quite a few characters to keep up with, which is why I gave this book a 4 star At the first of the book, the reader is somewhat just thrown into the action without much being established, so it gives for an awkward beginning The small town setting of Bliss, Texas was a charming place for the story to take place.
As far as the mystery goes, I did NOT guess the killer until the end when it was revealed which is always a plus when it comes to any crime novel.
Overall, I was greatly surprised by how much I liked this mystery It wasn t a perfect read for me, but I ended up wanting to read from this author.

Exciting and different Harlow Jean Cassidy has been living in New York for about ten years when her Great Grandmother Loretta Mae dies and leaves Harlow her home in Bliss, Texas Harlow grew up in Bliss and left as soon as she could Now she is back and she is running a dress shop out of her new house An old school friend stops by and asks her to make the wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses for her upcoming wedding in two weeks Everything was going great until the Maid of Honor was found dead in Harlow s backyard The story kept me guessing who dun it until the very last Chapter It was a very good book and I will be recommending it to family and friends.
The mystery is very well written and keeps you interested right up to the final chapter When the murderer is finally told I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to all my friends and family Harlow Cassidy was not only descended from outlaw Butch Cassidy, but her family legend said he had placed a charm on all future generations of Cassidy women Her mom, grandmother and great grandmother each had a personal charm that they knew about Nana was a goat whisperer, something she wasn t exactly proud of, but Harlow had no idea what hers was, until she came back home to Bliss, Texas A girl she knew from grade school was getting married and had to have her gown and her bridesmaid s gowns in less than two weeks, because the shop she d originally dealt with suddenly went out of business When the maid of honor was found strangled outside Harlow s shop, her friend Josie was a person of interest as well as Josie s fiance, Nate Josie begged Harlow to help her I really enjoyed visiting Bliss, TX and liked the main characters a lot I got a kick out of Nana the goat whisperer, but I think my favorite was Meemaw and she wasn t even physically there, she was dead But she would make her presence known to Harlow in the form of noises, pointing out words in magazines or moving things around Harlow s possible love interest Will was very sweet and his teen daughter Gracie was really cool because she wanted to have Harlow continue teaching her to sew I never guessed at all who the killer was By the end of the book, Harlow finally figured out what her special charm or talent was I m anxious to read the next book in this series, especially since there was a several page teaser to read at the end of this book.
Really really enjoyed this book Great story line, never saw the bad guy coming at the end and the characters and setting are fantastic I really can t wait for the follow up to this one Now if only Misa Ramirez would write another Lola Cruz mystery.
I really, really liked this first book in another new series Can t wait for I love the family relationship between the protag, her mom and grandmom I m not really a fashionista so I can t really understand some of the clothing descriptions but I love the fact that this woman can envision a style, fabric and fashion, for a dress that will make the wearer feel good as well as look good Eagerly anticipating the next in the series.
Really liked this first in series, and the eclectic and interesting cast of characters.
For years I read romance as a form of escape from life When stress got in the way, my nose went in a book I ve now found that a good cozy mystery can provide the same escapism Pleating for Mercy by Melissa Bourbon is one of the books that I ve been able to totally immerse myself into It is the first book in the Magical Dressmaking Mystery and I will look for others Main character Harlow Jane Cassidy returns to her small town in Bliss, Texas after her grandmother dies leaving behind a high powered job in the Manhattan fashion world to design dresses Not only did Harlow inherit her grandmother s house but a special flair as well for stitching up the perfect dress She d better be fast too when a quicky wedding requires a bridal dress and two bridesmaid ones as well Problems start when a bridesmaid is killed and to keep the income she need s Harlow must keep the wedding on track and the bride out of jail What I loved about this book was the use of language that made me laugh and smile I had a grandmother who was a great seamstress and made a custom blazer for me when I graduated from college This book made me remember all those times for fittings and advice from my grandmother A shiver stole through me The windows in here were definitely closed I had the sudden feeling that Josie and I weren t alone in the house, that the check had been picked up and placed on my lap by some ghostly presence.
Josie put her hand on mine Please, Harlow I want to marry Nate I took her hand and nodded, hoping it was sincerity I felt emanating from her and not desperation The dress I made for her would have to be beyond perfect Every seam I stitched would hold together her dreams Every bead I sewed would bring sparkle back into her life And every pleat I added would help her fold her grief into manageable pieces.
From page 53 I recommend this book for its hints of paranormal that add to the story but doesn t overwhelm the mystery and murder and the great characters that we can all root for Melissa Bourbon will be added to my list of must have authors.
Disclosure I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway.
When Her Great Grandmother Passes Away, Harlow Jane Cassidy Leaves Her Job As A Manhattan Fashion Designer And Moves Back To Bliss, Texas But When She Opens A Dressmaking Boutique In The Turn Of The Century Farmhouse She Inherited, Harlow Senses An Inexplicable Presence Her Old Friend Josie Orders A Gown For Her Upcoming Wedding, But When Josie S Boss Turns Up Dead, Harlow Has To Find The Killer With A Little Help From Beyond This is the first book in the A Magical Dressmaking Mystery series.
Harlow Cassidy inherits her great grandmothers house and quits her job in NYC as a fashion designer and returns to Texas Harlow figures to put a large selection of buttons and bow and material to good use and decides to open a dress making boutigue in the old farmhouse Harlow s first customer is a schoolhood friend who is to be married in two weeks and needs a wedding dress and three bridemaids dresses made The wedding party is to come back the next day for measurements to give Harlow a sense of the design of their dresses Before they are albe to start the maid of honor is strangled The bride, Josie, works for Nell, the victim The groom had once been involved with Nell, who turns out to be pregnant Could the groom be the killer Or was it Josie who would inherit the shop that Nell owns Time is of the essence, as Harlow doesn t want Josie to marry a killer The groom is the son of an oil tycoon family who will hold their cards very close to their chest.
All three of the Cassidy women have powers Grandma is known as the goat whisperer, because of ability to deal with stubborn goats Mama is able to make plants grow with just by looking at them Harlow is concerned that the power has escaped her, but soon great grandmother makes her presence know to Harlow There s not a lot of woo woo involved in this book, so don t pass up this book even if at not you cup of tea This a very enjoyable light read and am looking forward to the next book.