[Caroline A. Shearer] ✓ Dead End Date (Adventures of a Lightworker, #1) [young-adult PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Interesting and light read in a language that all my healer lightworker friends will totally enjoy I won Adventures of a Lightworker Dead End Date here on Goodreads When I first started the book I was not sure at all if I would end up enjoying it The book includes a great deal about spirituality, organic foods, and a few other things that I m generally not really into However, I decided that I would give it a chance I m so glad that I did as after about 30 pages the mystery began and I literally didn t put it down except to eat from that point on The main character Faith really grew on me, as did her compatriot, Bridget The book included humor, suspense, romance which, being a guy, I wasn t too sure about either It included a great deal about the paranormal, a subject that I am very interested in I am looking forward to reading about Faith in the future I m really hoping the author is working on adventures for her I m especially interested to find out who the recipient of Faith s phone call was A very good book I recommend it to anyone.
A Woman Named Faith Is Jolted From Her Simple Existence When She Learns She Is A Lightworker, An Evolved Soul Sent To Earth To Increase Love Complicating This Startling News Is The Revelation That She Hasn T Been Fulfilling Her Life S Purpose And Has One Year To Prove Herself Or Be Pulled From Her Assignment As Faith Confronts This Daunting Task, She Faces Very Human Concerns, Including Releasing Her Own Negativity, Searching For Love, And Even A Dead Blind Date How Will Faith Fare As She Begins Her Spiritual Journey And Finds Her Gifts Tested Beyond Anything She S Known This was a fun and refreshing book that combined elements of spirituality, humor and mystery Many of the spiritual concepts were new to me and I found myself never bored while reading Dead End Date.
I loved the main character Faith The author made her seem very real and I loved Faith s sense of humor She didn t take herself so seriously and it made her appealing The setup was also great Faith is given a year to start bringing love to Earth and fulfill her duties as a Lightworker During this journey, she becomes embroiled in a mystery when her blind date never shows up for their night out because he s murdered.
One of the complaints I would have is the cover wasn t very appealing to me It seemed a little amateurish and it wouldn t make me buy the book Also, I felt like a few of the parts came off as little hokey like how much is devoted to eating organic and Feng Shui However, I was highly entertained by a lot of Faith s inner monologue and her man troubles as well as trying to figure out what happened to Faith s dead date Dick All in all, Dead End Date is a very good book with memorable characters and a very unique storyline This is part of the series and will certainly attract readers looking for something new that delves into spiritual concepts.
Rating 4 5 StarsI was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I won a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads This is an excellent debut book from a promising author I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery and spirituality in the book At times I laughed and at times the story nearly brought me to tears I can t wait for the second book in this series Dead End Date is a joyful mix of Sophie Kinsella s Shopaholic, mixed with a dash of I Love Lucy, if Lucy Ethel solved mysteries The narrator, Faith, tells the story as though writing a letter to a friend the tone is warm even as Faith grapples with issues of learning to live in the moment, listening to her heart, and fulfilling her life s purpose to help others in difficult situations In the case of this book, that difficult situation is the murder of a would be blind date The city of Austin is as much a character to the story as the setting, and provides the sunny backdrop for solving the dark crime The heart of the book, though, revolves around our own struggles to manage and care for all of the relationships in our lives with our friends, our lovers, and ourselves Ideal book for a fun beach read I enjoyed this book very much The characters were very real, I felt like this story was about my friends It was such a fun mystery to get into I can t wait for the rest of the series to come out, I am looking forward to see what Faith and Bridget get into next A fun, light read I m curious about where Faith goes in the next book.

Faith is a lightworker and she hasn t quite lived up to her potential She finds out that she has one year to make headway on her life s mission or her journey will end Not knowing what exactly she is supposed to do, she begins to live her life Dating and love have not been a great experience for Faith and her willingness to jump into the dating world is sluggish, to say the least Bridget sets her up on a blind date with Dick, who stands Faith up Upset at the fact she was stood up, Faith damns him, only to find out that he died sometime before their date Shocked by the news, Faith feels compelled to solve the mystery surrounding Dick and his death Will Faith make enough progress to save herself and live up to the expectations of a lightworker Shearer has concocted a truly authentic story laden with mystery for a debut The characters, although fictional, are completely realistic At any given moment, you could genuinely relate to a thought, feeling, or experience they were having It was nice to see that Faith remained normal throughout the story, considering the powers she possessed Her willingness to help the others was refreshing Faith s spiritual journey adds to the intensity of Dick s mysterious death and the investigation There is a perfect blend of humor, life, love, and spirit within the pages of this novel that make you think of your own life and the choices you make This is the first book in an exciting new series with a plot like no other I highly recommend you read it.
For being about a difficult subject, a murder, this really was a light book The mood wasn t too heavy and it had some parts that really made me laugh There were a few tense scenes, but it didn t ruin the mood that I got from this one.
I really liked Faith She was such a great character because she was real I could see myself having her thoughts, her ideas well some of her ideas LOL She was just a normal person I think the problem with characters who have the kind of abilities that Faith has is that they come across as being wacky or kooky And I ve known a few people like Faith, and none of them are kooky wacky sometimes yes So this was a very real representation I liked that a lot The writing was very good Like I said earlier it had a very light feeling to the book There was humor, but it wasn t poking fun at anything I was able to connect with the main characters This made it very easy for me to get drawn into the story I wanted what they wanted, and could understand what they were going through The book really focuses on Faith s spiritual journey She s a lightworker, which means she needs to connect to her spiritual side before it s too late for her Her finding of herself goes through some ups and downs, but really it s her ability to connect to people in special ways that makes the story what it is Since this is the start of a series I m really looking forward to what Faith gets herself into next.