[ Pdf Whisper of Evil ß golden-age-mystery PDF ] by Kay Hooper ¿ These books just keep getting better and better.
Someone is stalking the little town of Silence Three victims have fallen to a killer s savage vengeance Each of the dead men was a successful and respected member of the community yet each also harbored a dark secret discovered only after his murder Were their deaths the ultimate punishment for those secrets Or something even sinister Nell Gallagher has come home to silence than a decade after leaving one dark night with her own painful secrets Forced now by family duty to return, she has also come home to settle with the past But past and present tangle in a murderer s vicious attacks, and to find the answers she needs, Nell must call on the psychic skills that drove her away years before She must risk her own life and sanity, and regain the trust of the man she left behind so long ago For the killer she seeks is seeking her, watching her every move, preying upon her every vulnerability and already so close she ll never see death coming.
Someone Is Stalking The Little Town Of SilenceThree Victims Have Fallen To A Killer S Savage Vengeance Each Of The Dead Men Was A Successful And Respected Member Of The Community Yet Each Also Harbored A Dark Secret Discovered Only After His Murder Were Their Deaths The Ultimate Punishment For Those Secrets Or Something Even Sinister Nell Gallagher Has Come Home To Silence Than A Decade After Leaving One Dark Night With Her Own Painful Secrets Forced Now By Family Duty To Return, She Has Also Come Home To Settle With The Past But Past And Present Tangle In A Murderer S Vicious Attacks, And To Find The Answers She Needs, Nell Must Call On The Psychic Skills That Drove Her Away Years Before She Must Risk Her Own Life And Sanity, And Regain The Trust Of The Man She Left Behind So Long AgoFor The Killer She Seeks Is Seeking Her, Watching Her Every Move, Preying Upon Her Every Vulnerability And Already So Close She Ll Never See Death Coming So Close to Being So GoodThe Bishop Special Crimes Unit series is a paranormal suspense series that includes romances but at times drifts between wanting to focus on the romance and then pulling back, wanting to focus on the crime mystery but then pulls back At times the books feel like there is a deep struggle for what the focus of the book is THE STORY Nell Gallagher returns to her hometown after the death of her father to settle the estate It is not a good time to be in town because there have been four murders of prominent men who appear to have been killed because of secrets they possessed It is quickly revealed that Nell actually works for the SCU and is in town undercover to help solve the murder Her paranormal talent is that she can see scenes in locations that happened in the past and sometimes in the future Her talent, however, makes her vulnerable because it takes a lot of energy Returning has been difficult for Nell especially because of the presence of the man she left behind.
Max Tanner was in love with Nell as a young man and was puzzled and devastated when she abandoned him and left town Now that she has returned, he has questions that he wants answered But than anything, he wants to protect Nell from the evil that is in town.
OPINION This book was so close to be a great read The relationship between Nell and Max was great I liked the angst between them and how they find their way together again I was intrigued by such a close psychic relationship between a non talent and a talent Unfortunately, the trouble in the relationship is really about Nell keeping secret information about their pasts For much of the book, the question is what happened to make Nell leave By the time the information is revealed, I just didn t feel that disclosure satisfied the buildup I was disappointed because I really liked the couple and wished that the book had embraced their relationship.
The story of the murders was interesting, but there was no way that a reader could have guessed the identity of the murderer At the same time, the story was very creepy and the investigation stretched Nell s abilities and I wanted to know the solution.
I did like the book, I just felt that it could have been great rather than just good.
WORTH MENTIONING I loved the cameo appearance of Bishop and Miranda Their appearance makes every book better.
FINAL DECISION I have mixed feelings about this book than my final decision I would read this book again even though I was somewhat disappointed it Nell and Max are one of my favorite couples of the series even though I wish there was about their relationship development in this book CONNECTED books This book is the fifth book in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit series It can be read independent of the other books in the series although there are some overlapping characters.
STAR RATING I give this book a solid 4 stars.
This was fine It was solid fare of the same flavor of the previous books I think that my mini gorge of the first five books in the series will be enough for now These books, while enjoyable for fluff reading are formulaic, because, although previous characters always make cameos, it always features a new psychic woman, and she always gets back together with her first love, who is a protector male Eh I think I would enjoy this series astronomically better if it weren t so focused on the same, not developed love story that ends at happily ever after this time around, because it has to be second chance to suit the 30 something main character and readership , was about the core Special Crimes Unit members.
Whisper of Evil3 StarsA good premise but the poor character development and weak investigative process make this a mediocre addition to the series The pacing is off as the buildup toward the climax is drawn out and tedious while the denouement is too rapid and anti climactic The romance reads like an afterthought While Max and Nell have the potential for some sizzling chemistry, their past relationship is revealed in dribs and drabs, which makes it difficult for the reader to care about them one way or the other In fact, the secondary romance between Shelby and Justin is far engaging In terms of the serial killer plot, other than the profile indicating that the killer is a cop this is revealed at the outset so its not a spoiler , there are absolutely NO clues as to his or her identity because the secondary cast is not fleshed out AT ALL Moreover, the psychic elements contribute very little to the investigation and the twist is predictable Overall, not up to Hooper s standards.
Another paranormal murder mystery by Kay Hooper I enjoy books with twists and this has a few that pop up at the end My only complaint with Hooper s mysteries is that the bad guy tends to be someone who there is no way you could have seen that person being the murderer It tends to be some non descript character who is mentioned a few times in a meaningless manner So to those who say I didn t see that one coming I respond Who could have Nevertheless her mysteries are fun quick reads that you will enjoy I have enjoyed the SCU FBI books Bishop and Miranda make small appearences.

I love how I can never figure out who the killer is I can always figure it out usually about halfway into a book but I have never been able to figure out who the killers are in any of these books and I love it Psychic FBI agents pursuing evil while falling in love What could you want Whisper of Evil is book 5 of the Bishop Special Crimes Unit by Kay Hooper Nell Gallagher came home to Silence after the death of her father and to settle with her past However, after the death of three well know men in the community Nell must use her psychic powers again to save lives The readers of Whisper of Evil will continue to follow the twists and turns of Nell Gallagher investigation to find out who killed the men and blamed it on Nell Gallagher I love reading the books in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit series The portrayal of the characters with there individual psychic skills that they use to find criminals ensures that I engaged with the plot of each book in the series Whisper of Evil continued my love affair with this series The characters, the plot and the description of the settings were done wonderfully by Kay Hooper Whisper of Evil was well written and researched by Kay Hooper, and I did enjoy reading this book Reading Whisper of Evil allows me to start to learn to understand psychic and their role in law enforcement and the community I like that Kay Hooper in Whisper of Evil highlights the damage family violence has on the children.
I recommend this book.