Ä What's a Ghoul to Do? ã Download by ☆ Victoria Laurie I liked this book The story was fast paced and exciting The ghosts were creepy and really made the story good So why is it only three stars I CANNOT STAND THE DOCTOR S HORRIBLE ENGLISH At first it was endearing, but by the end I wished he just wouldn t speak any I will keep reading the series, but I really hope Steven s English improves I almost gave this 4 stars, but I think it has room to grow as a series I liked the ghost hunting aspect Some of the spectral activity seemed a bit over the top, but the author is a clairvoyant and a police psychic, so I ll give her the benefit of the doubt I loved the gay sidekick, Gilley, and the African parrot, Doc M.
J I m not too sure about yet perhaps her personality will develop in time Steven Sable nice romantic interest, but the running joke with his English started wearing thin about halfway through the book The plot was interesting, but had some holes On the whole, I enjoyed it and want to see where the series goes.
Description from book jacket M.
J Holliday has two rules One, she and her partner, Gilley Gillespie, work alone and two, she doesn t date clients But when handsome Dr Steven Sable needs her help, the specter spotting sleuth is ready to break both of her rules It seems the doc s grandfather jumped from the roof of the family lodge in an apparent suicide But Dr Sable knows in his bones it was foul play, and strange things keep happening at the lodge He ll hire M.
J and Gilley but only if he can come along Hey, the duo needs the money and looking at eye candy all weekend doesn t sound too bad either But once they reach the lodge, the three realize they re dealing with ghosts than just Grandpa Sable s And the spooks keep playing nasty tricks on their human visitors To the untrained eye, it would appear that ghouls just want to have fun But M.
J knows they re communicating their distress and it s up to her to figure out whySeries info Ghost hunter mystery series01 What s a ghoul to do read 02 Demons are a ghoul s best friend 03 Ghouls just haunt to have fun04 Ghouls gone wild 05 Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls 06 Ghoul interrupted 07 What a ghoul wants Amazing Ebook, What S A Ghoul To Do Author Victoria Laurie This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book What S A Ghoul To Do , Essay By Victoria Laurie Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You I fully admit I didn t even make it half way through this book before stopping Not only that, but it took me months to make it that far I carried it around in my purse, and only read it while waiting in line at stores , and I found myself dragging my feet every time I had a few minutes to read it.
The characters leave something to be desired Each of them was a walking stereotype Flamboyantly gay assistant, gorgeous best friend so good looking men walk into walls when she s around , and a European doctor who asks at least once a page, How do you say , or mispronounces something The doctor part wasn t funny to begin with, and certainly not after the dozenth time in as many pages But my real problem is that I read on the inside back cover that the author considers herself a psychic Oh, right It directs me to her website if I have additional questions, so I mosey on over For the low, low price of 150 I can have a phone consultation with the psychic author Does she really like writing books, or is it just a great way to drum up business for her psychic hotline Every time M.
J explains her psychic abilities to secondary characters in the story, I found myself rolling my eyes, imagining that this is how she thinks of herself explains her abilities to others, as in, Well, Bob, let me tell you what it really means to be a psychic The main character gets to explain her abilities to multiple other characters within the story, and it got old quickly We get it already, M.
J s just a regular old gal underneath that psychic exterior.
My husband has been forced to listen to my griping about this book, and when I told him I was finally giving up on it and writing a decidedly negative review he said, Don t worry, I m sure the author s already expecting it giggles Okay, so I m a flibbertigibbet I m wishy washy, flaky So sue me I ve been rethinking my original impressions of this book and came away with the awful realization I got snowed by the bird I was so entranced by Doc who was the most well rounded character of all that I completely ignored the annoying flaws of this book, the most glaring of which was the idiotic foreign speak of the love interest, Dr Steven Sable C mon, the guy s supposed to be educated You can be educated and foreign without sounding like a complete imbecile His continual How do you say this and variations on that theme became as irritating as a poison ivy rash after the first half a dozen times, not to mention M.
J s nauseatingly girly read giggly reactions when she corrects him.
The storyline, although not brilliantly complex, was fairly interesting I did enjoy the whole ghost busting angle and the interactions between M.
J and the spirits However, the characters were either so cliched her gay partner who s terrified of the ghosties or so bungled in execution see complaints above , not to mention the author s infantile reactions to negative reviews I d like to see what she makes of mine , I have been completely turned off of reading not just the rest of this series, but her books altogether.
This is a new author for me It is first book in the Ghost Hunter series which I am reading for a Yahoo group I found a well written book by an experience author At times I was enthralled with the story, other times I was disgusted with it and stopped reading for awhile I am finding it hard to rate I would like to give it 3 1 2 stars I normally give the book the higher rating I found Dr Steven s language idiotic by the end of the book At times I found the paranormal activities hard to believe What mystery there was did not become apparent until the end of the story.
MJ has been a physic all her life and teamed up with Gilley in grade school MJ owns a parrot called Doc and he livens up the tale The romances were really a distraction MJ will no longer do readings for anyone she wants a ghost to help pass over to the next plane The firm is just making it when Dr Steven Sable hires them to find what happened when his grandfather jumped fell from the roof of the hunting lodge At the lodge, lights, TV and other objects turn off and on at well Objects move around and there appears to be than one ghost in the building Will the ghosts find peace I will read other books in series and will read her other series.
MJ Holliday and her partner, Gilley are ghostbusters She is growing very popular ridding places of spooks who seem to want to linger for various reasons Gilley is terrified of ghosts but a whiz with the broken down equipment that is required to assist locating recalcitrant ghosties he stays outside in the safety of the van Dr Steven Sable, hires them to find out what happened to his recently departed grandfather The grandfather has been written off as a suicide victim and he has been seen flitting around his big country house so Steve wants to find out why he has not gone to the light.
When the trio arrive at the house MJ finds there is than one ghost and each seems to be telling a different story It is fast paced and funny as the truth behind the deaths of the ghosts comes out before all is revelled in a big bang ending.
The characters just bounce off each other with sassy one liners and I loved the parrot Doc This is the first in the series and I am looking forwards to the next one The story is very clever, but is suppose to entertain and that is what the author has done.

I was so excited to read this, as I love the author s Abby Cooper Psycic Eye books Unfortunately, the only thing that pulled this up from 1 star is Doc the pet bird There was far too much set up, like the whole first half, before I felt like we were into any kind of mystery And I just did not buy any of the forgetting of English slang, struggle with words It just sounded so fake, and really got to be distracting I don t plan to read any others if this really does turn into a series.
I was really excited to read this book because I love the Psychic Eye Mysteries Victoria Laurie also writes I m not a picky reader, but I m sorry, this didn t quite do it for me and I ended up very disappointed.
I was hoping they d be different from the P E Mysteries, but still have similar elements of style Even though I like romance, this book was supposed to be a mystery, hence A Ghost Hunter Mystery on the cover, but the mystery is thrown in around the rather awkwardly written romance between M J and Steven I did think the first chapter was good because I thought M J would be different than Abby and antisocial and a bit cranky at least that s what I got from the first chapter , but then she ended up giggling throughout the whole book seriously What I like about the P E Mysteries are that they are fresh, fun, very well written, and the characters are for the most part believable Not to mention, I got extremely tired of reading Steven s choppy English what do you say , Yes, that too , etc , which made the dialogue even choppier and flatter than it already was, not to mention irritating as all get out I don t know why V L couldn t have made him fluent in English, especially since he was so well educated, it would only have been a small tweak in the plot But I ve noticed Ms Laurie has a bit of a redundancy problem in her books, even if I do love Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, which has the liar, liar, pants on fire repetition, where when someone lies, Abby s inborn lie detector goes off with that chant.
Overall, the dialogue was choppy, the plot and mystery were subpar, the characters were clich s and unbelievable Doc was a nice addition though , and the whole book badly needed editing I would not recommend this, although I m sure many as seen in the numerous four and five star ratings would like this as it s not completely horrible it s just not very fresh even if the subject is interesting I haven t quite made up my mind if I ll pick up the next in the series.
Since that night a couple of weeks ago when I kept reading this idiotic book, I haven t had any desire to pick it up again I think I was having an emotional night that briefly shut my brain down This book is basically every reason I don t read chick lit There s the sassy, beautiful, totally independent gal who is not looking for love, but is momentarily thrown by an encounter with a very attractive man Uh oh, I thought The last thing I need is a client this attractive.
The words Roman nose are used to describe people I think all chick lit authors must be following the same manual that insists that they use Roman nose or aquiline nose In the name of sanity, are there no other kinds of noses out there This phraseWhat are you about a size four About that, I said, thanking myself for my daily run and a healthy metabolism.
Because heaven forbid anyone be above a size four There s also the scene where her heel breaks another requisite chick lit scene and we get this thrilling writing limping quickly down the street up three inches, down three inches, up three inches, down three inches.
Yay And don t even get me started on Steven He s this renowned foreign surgeon who is apparently brilliant but doesn t know the difference between the word skeptic and septic because I m sure a surgeon working daily in a hospital would NEVER use the word septic Basically every freaking interaction with Steve had M.
J correcting his grammar I don t know, maybe it was not fun the first couple times, but when it s already happened about a dozen times or so it felt and I m only 76 pages inLord save us all Good thing super smart, intelligent M.
J is there to nitpickingly fix every little error So yeah, this is major DNF If it wasn t on my kindle I d probably burn it.