Download Epub Format ✓ The Trouble With Magic (A Bewitching Mystery, #1) PDF by Ï Madelyn Alt This was not a good book I started it a few months ago, borrowing it from my cousin, and finished it yesterday simply because I had nothing else to read While the storyline had the potential to be great, the author decided to write as if her audience was stupid and couldn t piece things together any better than a preschooler Every little plot twist was explained to a painful extent, leaving no intrigue Aside from this, the characters weren t believable at all, from the sudden mood swings being terrified for a good reason one moment, flirting with someone that doesn t make sense the next, etc to the extreme extent that they would go to disbelieve something that they were given flat out proof for On top of that, it is a murder mystery novel, and apparently the police protocol for such a tragedy was thrown completely out the window so a common citizen could take care of it all At least, she may have been able to if she wasn t so flat out dumb.
Maybe I m just not that sold to the author s way of writing.
Best Book, The Trouble With Magic A Bewitching Mystery, 1 By Madelyn Alt This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Trouble With Magic A Bewitching Mystery, 1 , Essay By Madelyn Alt Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You The Trouble With Magic is the first book in Madelyn Alt s A Bewitching Mystery series This is the first book I have read by this author I really liked the locale of an antique store I think that the series is probably going to be a little too much magic for me It was borderline in this book My main complaint is that there is a black cat on the cover, but there is not one in the book I felt like it was false advertising as I prefer my cozies to have pets 3 stars This was of a paranormal mystery, but I didn t feel like adding another shelf, so I just put it in PNR.
I ve been meaning to read this book for awhile now, and when one of my groups here on GR voted it in as the April book I was glad I finally had the extra push to get me to read it I thought it was really interesting It had an interesting take on the world of magic and witches Instead of spells and hexes and all of that, the basis of the world was all about energy signatures and spirits Very interesting I liked that Maggie was sort of a normal human As the book continues we learn that she does grow accepting of the supernatural world, but I liked that it took some convincing I hate when books have normal humans introduced into a paranormal world and they just say Okay, what am I Well, if someone came up to me and told me witches and who knows what else are real, I wouldn t just say OK I d be a little freaked out So I liked that part of the book I can also see an interesting love triangle occurring with a few of the characters, and it makes me want to read the next book even The mystery was a good one as well It took me until the end to figure it out.
I will definitely read another book by this author.
Maggie O Neil s life is in a downward spiral No relationship and a crappy job are in the mix That is until she follows an instinct and falls, literally, inside Enchantments, a quaint little antique store She continues to be down on her luck Her little fall cost her her crappy job, but then it all turns around just in the nick of time, or so she thinks The owner of Enchantments, Felicity, offers Maggie a job, but Maggie isn t there long before she finds out Felicity is a witch and the cops are on Felicity s heels as a prime murder suspect in her sister s death.
It doesn t take Maggie long to stand up for her new boss, witch or not, and get down to business finding the real killer and get Felicity out of the limelight.
Plus, she got a taste of all this magic stuff, and is now intrigued and is hungry for a little.
Let me start this with Madelyn Alt is such a creative writer She has a vocabulary like a dictionary I m not going to lie, I had to look up a few words, but then added them to my mental dictionary to use in the future because I love being able to substitute Thank good for the English language There were several times where I could close my eyes and see myself, either at the murder scene or in the middle of one of the magical rituals.
I fell in love with Maggie in this book and Enchantments I think a lot of women out there, knowing they would be able to survive financially, love to work in an antique store, or something along the likes Mine would be a book store, surprise, surprise But I could still do antiques or crafts I find myself, the I read about women in these other jobs, like makeup artist for the dead or bounty hunter, trying to imagine myself in those positions Can t really say I d thrive in most of them, but it s always fun jumping into a different life That s why most of us read right Even if it is fiction, it puts us into a life we don t have and gives a chance to see another side.
I saw one of the books in this series while making a trip to the library, bought it for my Nook and made it one of my beach reads I loved it and flew through it and can t wait to see what happens next with Maggie and I have a whole lot of catching up to do to get current with the series.
I give The Trouble with Magic 4 bookmarks, solely for the fact that I hope this series continues to grow on me and I fall in love with it even as I go and can give future books the 5 bookmarks I tend to dive into series and hand out 5 bookmarks on the first one, get 5 or 6 in and realize I am loving it now than when I started and really only should ve given 3 or 4 from the get go I will however come back to this post and up the ante if I get that far and my feelings don t change I have a lot of hope for this series and hope it lives up to my expectations A charming beginning to this cozy mystery series Maggie O Neill is stuck in rut when she literally falls into the life of Felicity Dow, owner and operator of the store Enchantments When Liss is accused of murdering her sister, Maggie uses both her Hoosier resourcefulness and her newfound insight to help bring the real murderer to justice This is probably my least favorite book in the series, but I enjoyed it enough to want to keep going with the series.
This is the first witch novel I ve ever read and it instantly carried me away It doesn t go at all like you expect, it s a completely original take, and that s the best possible story a change and a surprise.
Most reviews have huge synopsises that spoil chunks of action Please stick to what it is how it is, never how it GOES A normal person with rueful family dynamics, is concerned with paycheques and keeping a car running She doesn t believe in metaphysics and the author was brilliant to let this angle tell the story We likeMaggie , instantly relate to her, and want her to succeed.
There is a distinction between talented story telling or writing Madelyn Alt aces both Her language is colloquial, descriptions not too flowery Yet little moments come across with such accuracy you picture yourself there Individual lines are laid out with such genius, scenes connect sharply Some are so beautiful I re read twice and thriceThe directness of his approach took me off guard I d never been very good with confrontation I stared at him while all of the smart answers flew right out of my head and I was left with nothing than the truth to fill the empty space.
Paranormal elements are light, easing newcomers into the realm very believably Count on suspense, action, humour and gratefully numerous sequels for our perusal This is excellent.

I was looking for a fun page turner to get me through a weekend when I wasn t feeling well I usually enjoy stories with ghosts and magic, and a few random page reads made this one sound like fun Wish it had been.
Maggie works for a witch gasp who s being investigated for the death of her sister Maggie immediately knows that her boss isn t the killer because she has a good heart not kidding and sets out to find out who the real killer is, while trying to teach the rest of the town not to be prejudiced against the witch, but secretly having thoughts about how her boss will be going to hell for her beliefs.
I m not sure who the intended audience on this one was If you re pro religious choice and all of those politically correct things that the liberal media pushes swear to dog, this was in there, though I don t have the book handy so I can t give the exact quote you ll hate it The preachy, hypocritical main character will hit every button for you If you re a hard boiled religious conservative, like most of the characters in the story, you ll hate it, because the main character gets super preachy about tolerance though her inner monologue still condemns the witches to hell, so maybe you wouldn t really mind Doubtful though she s really really preachy on this.
The plot was slow, mainly in Maggie s head, and the killer was pretty obvious to everyone but Maggie It s a shame, because the author can write awesome scary scenes, but overall, this became a writer s guide on what not to do.
Maggie is the black sheep of her family and has recently lost her job that she disliked and accepted a new position at a small shop called Enchantments Her new boss Felicity is a suspect in the death of her sister The book was lacking in something and I found myself having difficulties getting into the book I just didn t care much about the lead character or the supporting characters I don t think this will be a series that I will continue to read.