Trailer ð The Laughing Corpse PDF by ð Laurell K. Hamilton Harold Gaynor Offers Anita Blake A Million Dollars To Raise A Year Old Zombie Knowing It Means A Human Sacrifice Will Be Necessary, Anita Turns Him Down But When Dead Bodies Start Turning Up, She Realizes That Someone Else Has Raised Harold S Zombie And That The Zombie Is A Killer Anita Pits Her Power Against The Zombie And The Voodoo Priestess Who Controls ItIn The Laughing Corpse Anita Will Learn That There Are Some Secrets Better Left Buried And Some People Better Off Dead Hot Damn I can t get enough of Anita Blake I think I love herBut she just pissed off The Voodoo Priestes Anita takes a licking and turns around and dishes out a can of whoop ass She s the badass of all badasses Her snarky sarcastic mouth has made a few enemies And it seams everyone is out to kill her Where s that sexy Jean Claude when a hero is needed Hiding in the shadows watching Anita kick ass Arise from your graves all dead within sound of my call Arise and serve me I am an animator I am the Executioner But now I know I m something else The one thing my Grandmother Flores feared most I am a necromancer The dead are my specialty Why am I just reading this series It s the perfect blend of fantasy, paranormal, horror, and mystery I can t get enough When I read the Kate Daniels series, I would see a lot of reviews that compared her to Anita Blake, and Kate would always come out on top I could see some similarities, obviously, but I find Anita a little disappointing in how dumb she is She really doesn t know how to shut the hell up so that someone would NOT want to kill her for a changeI m going to kill you, he hissed Take a number, I saidShe ll need to buy number machines if she keeps up this pace of pissing people offI mean, seriously, this woman threatens and antagonizes everyone she meets It just isn t smart Can t she just simmer with rage and kill people in her head like the rest of us donow, that s a healthy attitude So, in this book, there are a boatload of people who want to kill Anita She s trying to help the police with a murder investigation and her standard way of interviewing people goes along the lines of this Anita Did you kill people Person no Anita Well, I think you are a terrible person and should die, so I will be killing you as soon as possible Person Not if I kill you first Anita Did I mention that you are ugly and that I had sex with your mother Also, I m going to kill you Person Alright this is getting personal, now I m going to torture you and then kill you Anita I d like to see you try, bitch Person Lady, I m just trying to take your order Do you want fries with that or not And, then she is shocked when people keep trying to kill her In this book, an old Voodoo lady tells her straight out that she is going to send a zombie to Anita s house to attack her while she sleeps that night That night, lo and behold, a zombie tries to kill her Then, Anita acts all shocked about it That seems a little dumb to me I mean, the lady was pretty clear on the plan It really shouldn t have been shocking at all I think that Anita has so many people telling her they are going to kill her each day that she can t keep up with all of the threats She needs one of those day planners to keep track That s what they had back in the 90 s right When people still had to use pen paper for stuff Fucking barbaric Anyway, I have to say, despite it all, I am still entertained I m going to go on to the next book to see how many people try to kill Anita in that one Also, I m intrigued by her fashion sense Don t worry, I will be discussing that in greater detail in my next review There has been mention of a fanny pack That is just too good to devote only a sentence or two on It deserves the star treatment in my next review.
Anita got an offer to raise an ancient dead body as a zombie The corpse is so old the only sacrifice sufficient to the occasion is a human one Anita refused an got plenty of troubles as a result At the same time something undead kept killing people wholesale and Anita, being a part of police Spook Squad had to find culprit and lay it to final rest as well as get the creature s creator During her investigation she managed to piss off a powerful voodoo priestess and got plenty of troubles as a result At the same time the Master vampire of the city unsuccessfully tried to get a date with her Failing his wish could result in you guessed it plenty of troubles This book is better than the first one The stupid parts of the plot are gone almost Also gone are boring characters I am looking at you, Edward The plot was moving with decent speed never leaving me bored There were some genuinely creepy moments as well as gruesome ones The latter showed me I became immune to such modern news took care of it Name me any day and I will find sickening stuff in real life than a description of a bloody toddler parts scattered around.
We humans suck and can be very sick One minor nitpick I would like to mention for a self proclaimed Vampire Executioner Anita did not do a whole lot of vampire executions this time so you have no reason to worry, Buffy This might be a good thing as vampire suck both literally and figuratively Figuratively speaking I think they overstayed their welcome in popular culture sparkling and non sparkling kind By the way in case anybody doubt Anita Blake is an ancestor of Kate Daniels one scene in this book has strong resemblance of that in Magic Binds I am talking about the scene of Anita trying on a bridesmaid dress So I liked the book well enough to rate it with 4 stars Your mileage may vary To each his her own Tastes differ I am even willing to admit my taste in literature in non existent And so on.
This book took my by surprise I have read it twice now, and there are parts that are still heart wrenching In the second book of the Anita Blake series, The Laughing Corpse rips you from reality and tosses you unexpectedly into a world of voodoo, betrayal and forced submission.
Following the first book, this begins centered around Anita Blake and her job as an animator as well as the consulting work she does for the paranormal police division that investigates homocides that are obviously performed by something other than human.
The murder scenes are quite gruesome I found myself continuing to hold my breath while my heart pounded in my chest Almost saying to myself Oh nono please And reading as quickly as possible to find out if what I was dreading would be true.
Anita is confronted by an old voo doo priestess that scares the living hell out of anyone nearby, and even those whom feel they are unreachable Safe Unfortunately, sleeping in bed, quietly and feeling safe, relaxed the nightmares can still find you Death can still come crawling through your windows.
The twists of betrayal, and sudden insights of a friend that leaves Anita unsure if the friendship will continue Other friends are forced into life or death decisions, forced to consider crossing their moral lines of what is and what is not acceptable.
The end of the book was somewhat rushed, and as climatic as it was I was left wanting Cliff hangers are a wonderful thing I suppose, but I wanted I wanted so much than what the ending offered me Kudos to the author, I m 1 4 into the next book I recommend this read to anyone interested in bloody and gruesome books that are centered around the paranormal and the slight progression of possible romantic relationships.
There was something about Hamilton s first, then second book that irritated the hell out of me, but I couldn t quite figure it out Then one day I saw a picture of her on the book and I understood what it was It annoys me when authors make themselves the hero ine of their books, and then just change the name and the environment to make it fantasy fiction But even so when you must keep reading about how powerful, and how unconsciously sexy, and how tough that character is why is she trying to prove how gutsy she is to other male officers.
by playing around with a dead baby s body parts What flaws she does have are laughable like I care that she almost gave in to Jean the vampire s advances despite her no sex til marriage vow.
Maybe subsequent books get better.
I like these books They are fun and entertaining I like the MC, Anita There certainly are character traits that annoy me about her, but they aren t deal breakers I can t ever take this type of urban fantasy seriously But with that said, the author has a way with words in her descriptive strokes Sometimes it has me rolling my eyes, but mostly she does a great job of taking descriptions and adding layers to them That is what I like the most This is the 3rd book I ve read by her and I have thought this same thing about each of them.
So far, the entertainment value of these are fairly high, but I have to say the same thing about the negative reviews They are a riot to read I laugh because I actually agree with their grievances, but apparently it hasn t sucked the joy out of these books.
at least not yet anyway.
After reading Guilty Pleasures and falling hook, line, and sinker into the Anita Blake world, I eagerly rushed forward to devour the second offering The Laughing Corpse digs deeper into Blake s world, shows off of Jean Claude, Ronnie, and the polices characters.
As always, Anita is surrounded by problems with no immediate, easy solution in sight Emphasis isn t placed heavily on her vampire slaying, with her job as an animator The suspense and story is strong from the beginning action begins immediately and never lets up The ending is one of the strongest out of the series, nearly knocking me to the floor with its intensity.
The voodoo priest as the villain is also one of my favorites out of every book She s dark, creepy, and as evil as they come her showdowns with Anita were brilliant.
Jean Claude still isn t shown much, which is a shame The chemistry between him and Anita is amazing Hamilton plays up on it heavily and it s always thrilling to me, in ways than one, to read their exchanges This time around Jean Claude wants something else from Anita I won t give away spoilers and seeing her run from it is great fun.
Hamilton consistently writes with a light, humorous hand while dealing with dark, depressing material The characters she has written about are strong, unique in their own ways, and goal driven.
I enjoyed this one even than the first it keeps getting better, not an easy feat to pull off I can t find much fault with it, great stuff The Anita Blakes are also rich in mystery it somehow manages to come together at the end, remaining secretive and mysterious throughout the novel.
The gore is pretty heavy, particularly the death scenes Another big thumbs up for this book.
A definite recommendation for a sequel just be sure to start at the beginning in order to keep up to date.
This was TERRIBLE Terrible Why are you here book Why do you exist Why do you suck SO MUCH Ugh I was listening to this while walking to work in the morning, and I m pretty sure I was waking up whole neighborhoods with my loud, UGGGGHHHHHHH s because I could not refrain from reacting to what a bitch this book is This book is such a little bitch It is not SO bad to start out with, just your normal Anita Blake bitchiness, like, girls shouldn t wear pink girls shouldn t shop girls shouldn t be feminine girls shouldn t like boys And then the boys like her sooooo much because she is such an asshole So, don t worry, slatherings of male approval if you don t wear pink.
And THEN, after you trudge through Anita s complete lack of personality and LAME sense of humor, why not throw on some racism, homophobia, and a huge helping of ableism WHY THE FUCK NOT UGGGHHH I want to punch this book in its smug little curly haired kisser It makes me figuratively puke According to people who have read beyond this book, at some point, Anita starts having sex with random monsters, which whatever I don t even care about that because she is so obnoxiously prudish in these first two books And, the thing is, if you don t want to have sex with a vampire, power to ya girl But THEN the simpering self congratulation about it It makes me crazy You suck so much, Anita Blake You are everything wrong about anything to do with gender.
I figure there are numerous ways women can react to sexism when they realize it is there, so I ve made a little chart to illustrate my thoughts on the matter image error A Rich Guy offers Anita s boss 1 million dollars to have her reanimate a 200 year old zombie, which would require a human sacrifice Despite her money grubbing boss, Anita says no and beats a hasty retreat Luckily or rather, unluckily , the case of the day appears to distract her a family of people are brutally torn apart and eaten Anita has to investigate the murders, fend off Rich Guy s advances no means no, kids , visit scary grandmothers, and ignore the attentions of the city s master vampire No wonder she only sleeps 3 hours a night.
I just came from reading about a protagonist with very little personality, which magnified how much personality the characters in this book have Even the side characters I could tell you a few things they like, a few things they hate, and whether they re bubbly, flirtatious, or humourless And somehow, Hamilton manages to fit so much personality into the book without slowing it down or overloading it with description She s clearly practices some sort of dark magic herself.
If you re reading this book, I know you probably don t have a problem with reading about scary things and murders because you got through the first book, but the cases in this book are far graphic, so please be warned.
On to the next amazing, fast paced, nightmare inducing adventure Fingers crossed for JC sprinkled on top.