[ Pdf The Killing Dance (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #6) á read-for-school PDF ] by Laurell K. Hamilton á 3.
5 Have Sex Already Stars Anita the prude Blake is back She s dating her werewolf boyfriend, Richard, and Jean Claude, Master Vampire of the city Unfortunately she s such a prude that she hasn t had sex with either Thank goodness that changes in this book because I was ready to hit her over the head with a big fat dildo and scream fuck somebody already The sexual tension has been ridiculous and neither Richard or Jean Claude have had sex for over seven months because Anita does t believe in foreplay, heavy petting or sex or any kind Talk about frustrating I mean, you ll kill anyone and everybody but won t have sex with your boyfriend of seven months eye roll If you love someone, truly love them, you should never cause them pain Never fill their eyes with something so close to grief Richard is very jealous of the relationship Anita has with Jean Claude and is afraid she will sleep with him first If he weren t such a boy scout, he would have made it to third base with Anita already Well Anita finally gets her virtual cherry popped and it was ok I think I may have over anticipated this moment There was a look on his face that was hard to describe The devil must look like that after you ve signed on the dotted line and given away your soul This episode was action packed because someone s put a hit out on Anita and assassins are around every corner The ending was bitter sweet but I look forward to from this horrific, sexual tease of a series.
My public service announcement for the day is this If you read Anita Blake books beyond this one, you ve only got yourself to blame.
I ve put a little effort into putting my finger on where this series went wrong Somewhere along the line it went from being Anita Blake Vampire Hunter to Anita Blake Supernatural Porn Star It was either this one or the next Burnt Offerings where it all went penis shaped.
Don t get me wrong I like sex, and I also like porn.
However, when I buy a book about a vampire hunter perhaps it was my fault I expected vampire hunter to mean, someone who finds and sometimes kills vampires What Ms Hamilton meant is, someone who finds vampires and then sucks their penises Mia culpa It must have been me who misunderstood Caveat emptor and all that jazz.
Anyhow, the first four Anita Blake books were very good Five and six were good After that just put your favourite porn in the VCR and save yourself the effort of reading the following fourteen books in this series.
Dating Both A Vampire And A Werewolf Isn T Easy But Just To Complicate Anita S Already Messy Life, Someone Has Put A Price On Her Head Love Cannot Save Her This Time, So She Turns To Edward, Hitman Extraordinaire, For Help But Finding The Person Behind The Threat Won T Be Easy, Because As Both A Vampire Hunter And Zombie Reanimator, Anita Has Made A Lot Of Enemies Both Human And Otherwise Richard okumadan nce kurtadamlar g z mde gayet sa lam heriflerdi Ancak bu meymenetsiz , gereksiz adam ile birlikte a r minno , a k ku lar na d n t ler.
Eh sonu olarak ben her zaman vampir hayran yd m zaten Ya as n VAMP RLER d man m size minno kurt adamlar l m Dans u g ne kadar okudu um en iyi Anita kitab olmakla birlikte , seriyi bitirsem dahi g z mde de erini bir an bile kaybetmeyecek kitaplardan En iyisi , benim i in en zeliydi Bunu i indir ki devam kitaplar n okumaktan deli gibi korkuyorum Biliyorum ki An ta yine t rl salakl klarla beni kendinden nefret ettirecek Ancak JEAN CLAUDE A A KIM HER ZAMAN BAK DEG T R LEMEZ , YER NE BA KA M NNO KILIKLI HER F KOYMAK TEKL F DAH ED LEMEZ Kitaba ba lay p , on b l m okuduktan sonra seri benim i in bitti dedim Yazar nk s rekli s p s var haldeydi Bir b l mde toparlad , eh ben de sen demek bunu yaz p , minno kalbime bir parmak bal ald n haa diyip d rd bast m Bal calmayip olay kesinle tirseydi , yemin ediyorum elimdeki b t n y ld zlar onundu.
Ancak sayg de er An ta han mefendi ayn anda bir de il , iki de il , de il , h h d rtte de il , belki binbe y z HER F AYN ANDA SEVD N H CB R ZAMAN O G ZEL M BE Y LD Z BENDEN ALAMAYACAK YAZAR , GUZEL M JEAN CLAUDE Adam n Has , VAMP RLER N AHI , G NL M N SULTANI BEYEFEND Y DAHA NE KADAR HARCAYACAK B LM YORUM AMA EGER EHHH AN TA SENDEN B KT M DERSE LK DEFA GONULDEN DESTEKLEY P , AN TA NIN KI INA TEKME BASMAS NA SUSACA IM HAKED YOR CUNKU An ta n m muhtemelen serinin bir sonraki kitab nda yine deli gibi duygusal gelgitlerini okuyaca m , o y zden di er kitab bir s re geciktirme d ncesi icerisindeyim Bo uyor beni kad n, Jean Claude u reddedip , kendini aklamaya al t her an , kitab n i ine girip , deli gibi d vmek istiyorum H C K MSEYE BU KADAR S DDETL B R NEFRET BESLEMEM T M DAHA NCE uan da seri i in tek umudum , Jean Claude un hayran olunas a k , gayreti ve sabr Son olarak kitab okuyup Richard destek isi olan varsa u g zelim al nt y onlarla payla mak istiyorum BU G ZEL L ADAM SEV LMEZ M HA Daha nce kalbimi silah nla yada kaz nla s kebilirdin imdi onu bu narin ellerin ve v cudunun kokusuyla ald n Hadi ma petit , fethinin tad n kar.
Again another great book in the Anita Blake series, and this one is probably one of my favorite in the series Finally in this book we see a conclusion to head battle between Jean Claude and Richard Vampire or Werewolf Which one will Anita pick Can one woman successful be with two men and not lose herself I found The Killing Dance to be one of the sexier books in the series, not because there is sex in the book, but because of all the sexual tension that is built throughout the book between Anita and the two men in her life I also like how Laurell K Hamilton really play with the dilemma that arises in many relationships, do I pick the person who is right for the person I really am, or do I pick the person who brings out the best in me, but isn t the real me Who will she choose There was a look on Jean Claude s face that was hard to describe The devil must look like that after you ve signed on the dotted line and given away your soul Pleased, eager, and a little hungryTurning point There s a hit out on Anita Blake.
Who could hate her that much Edward s back in town to play bodyguard Everything s better with Edward The sexual d tente between Jean Claude, Richard, and Anita will escalate and explode The audiobook narrator is the best I ve ever had.
Here are some of my castings This is probably my favorite book of the whole series It cuts out all of the BS and we get to the meat of what everybody wants to see There is so much focus on Anita, Jean Claude, and Richard and by book 6 it was needed Of course, she s got a half million dollar bounty on her head that she needs to figure out in the process of trying not to get dead Richard s dealing with his own pack issues he isn t seeing eye to eye with his co alpha, Marcus That climaxes in an unbelievable scene.
Of course, this series isn t just about werewolves Jean Claude has been biding his time for when Anita will come to him This book definitely pulled no punches We were introduced to fairly disturbing concepts shapeshifter porn, anyone and Anita s in a fight for her life Anita finally makes a choice between her two suitors and I was extremely pleased This book in general is a little racy than past novels, but there is still a fair amount of action, gore, and suspense that we have come to expect I highly recommend picking up this book if you ve read the others Review also posted to

In The Killing Dance Anita Blake discovers someone has put out a serious hit on her life, she s still torn between Richard the werewolf and Jean Claude the vampire and she s drawn deeply into the tangled politics of the were pack There s isn t much in the way of police work, just a lot of pack power struggles, increased sensual tension and a visit from Edward Ahhh, Edward s here so I can deal with the lack of Anita working She needs a bit of a break after Bloody Bones anyway If Bloody Bones was Jean Claude s book then the beginning of this one is Richard s but that isn t necessarily a good thing for those of us who were rooting for the werewolf We get to know him better and he shows a lot of weakness and protests his nature far too much Anita tries to toughen him up and he gives it a go only because he loves her but his heart doesn t seem to be in it Poor Richard, I wish he had stopped with all the protesting and given in completely to his baser nature sooner, if only to get on with things, because even I ll admit that it made me like him less as a character in this book Anita really has her mean on in this book She is very unforgiving bordering on cruel on than one occasion I don t remember her being quite so hard in the earlier novels and she s totally lost her dark sense of humor She still sleeps with her little stuffed penguin but she s got a mean streak and she s not afraid to let it show I found myself sympathizing with her less and less as the book went on and near the end I started to actively dislike her This book is where the series dips Anita s petite little toe into the world of sex and power and her old life of animating and being an almost regular girl comes to a sad end sniff This one should really get a 3 1 2 It s better than a 3 but it aggravated me too much to earn a full out 4 I just found my original gushing review Here it is in all its cringe worthy fangirliness written in 1997 Feel free to giggle at my expense Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Extraordinare, is back with another spellbinding adventure that is full of unexpected twists and some eye opening and jaw dropping turns This time Anita is once again up to her ears in bloody bodies but in addition to her usual corpse raising and vampire slaying she s also being hunted down by the best Assassin money can buy She s got to figure out who has put such a high price on her head and why As if this isn t enough to worry about Anita s love life is a major mess She s torn between her growing attraction and affection for Jean Claude, the sexier than sin Master Vampire who tempts her with his every word, and her loyal and gorgeous werewolf boyfriend Richard who wants marriage and a normal life Unfortunately, neither is willing to share her on a permanent basis I can t say enough good things about this sexy and witty series of books They ve got great dialogue, fast paced plots, fascinating characters and incredible sexual tension Instead of petering out and getting stale like some series do these books just keep heating up I really love the way Ms Hamilton is slowly developing these characters and revealing new surprises with each book The adventures, magic, gore, and creatures are a big attraction for me but the reason I eagerly turn the pages is to delve into these fascinating characters lives and watch the new developments in their ongoing menage.
I haaaate Anita Blake.
She is rude She is arrogant She is pushy, bitchy, violent, frequently obstinate, has incredibly poor impulse control, and she does not strike me as particularly smart Unfortunately, I think the author thinks Anita is smart, and so I end up reading passages that are meant to show Anita getting some sort of insight, when no There s nothing there, sometimes literally the author will insert the idea that Anita s picked up on some nuance that is not there That s not valid you can t say Janet looked at the plant, and immediately sensed that the priest from three chapters ago had worn the wrong hat There is no connection there, it s just the author moving the plot along by dropping left field realizations into Anita s lap She is not smart, she does dumb selfish things and I do not like her.
Richard is some sort of man boy who spends a lot of time expressing or worrying about his feeeeeelings He is either doing this by being goopy, or by being violent and then being kind of nasty about it I have no idea why she likes him, and I have absoLUTELY no idea why he likes her, except that he appears to like being bitched at a lot He has long hair Number of men in my life I ve found attractive with long hair none Jean Claude is some sort of pansexual Anne Rice bondage gear enthusiast I think he s meant to be sultry He also has long hair We also get frequent descriptions of the rest of his body hair, I m wondering if the author has a fetish He swans around saying sexy things He constantly calls Anita ma petite He says it all the time Substitute the word honey for a few pages, and you ll see how damn unnatural that sounds.
The plot has something to do with hitmen and a big rotting zombie and a threeway, sort of, I guess I completely don t care any I decided to re read one of these because I d forgotten to review the series, but now I m reading it and it s kind of killing me The werewolves like to rape each other, film snuff films, and generally indulge in some insane BDSM behavior The vampires are constantly prostituted and live in perpetual fear of being backhanded across a room or tortured Anita flounces about in the midst of all this, barking orders and issuing ultimatums and fondling her guns like some nutjob She sounds like a marvelous argument for gun control I really, really hate her So, yeah There you go I dislike everyone in this book, everything that happens, Anita is like a brash American stomping into an Italian cafe and braying that she wants a frappucino and she wants it NOW and refusing to acknowledge that, when in a different country, maybe a frappucino is not available No, she ll just pull out an Uzi and force you to make a drink that s as close to a frappucino as she can get, and then she ll insult some people, congratulate herself on being such a badass, and waltz out the door And everyone in the cafe will turn to each other and say Can you believe she nearly shot the barista I hope someone kills that unpleasant woman sometime soon.
I am one of those people, the ones wishing Anita Blake would die And then the rest of this particular universe can collapse on itself as well, because I really see nothing redeeming about it at all Blech Anita Blake has a hit out on her in this book And, the person who put the contract on her is offering a half a million dollars Hell, I d do it for a candy bar and a bottle of wine It could even be a box of wine Really, she s pretty unlikable.
She finds out about this through Edward, one of my favorite characters, a professional hitman He was offered the contract first, but didn t take it As a matter of fact, he even decides to protect her from the hitman who does try to kill her Anita asks him why and I love his answerI figure I ll get to kill people guarding you If I take the contract, I only get to kill youAww, Edward, he just loves killing It is so endearing to me don t we all, Mr Fluffypants don t we allEdward takes guarding Anita very seriously He arms her with enough fire power to take over a small third world country And, you know how much Anita likes her guns She mentions at least one gun on every page of these books Anita s choice of outfits for the night These guns and her Nikes.
Along with people trying to kill Anita, which is pretty much a daily thing anyway, we are treated to Anita angsting over her relationship with Richard and Jean Claude She decides that she is choosing Richard, but I don t really get why He goes from being a big baby who actually cries, to being a dick who throws her against a wall at one point That is way too emotional for me I can t handle criers I don t cry, and I expect my man not to cry In 25 years together, I have seen my husband shed tears twice both times over death That s the way it should be But, hell, Richard is constantly whining, blubbering, and has eyes filled with tears Ugh I would totally want to bitch slap him Richard s wussiness is also hurting his pack because he needs to kill the alpha and become alpha himself, but he is a pacifist and wants to resolve things peacefully Sorry, buddy, but that s not how a pack of were wolves works Because of this, the current alpha is hurting, raping, and killing people who support Richard He s willing to allow all of his people to be tortured, but doesn t want to do what it will take to protect them I m looking at you, Richard In the meantime, Jean Claude is willing to let Anita go to be with Richard And, I swear, she would be the biggest fool in fooltown if she does it It s one of those situations where you re yelling at the book character like you would yell at the movie screen What, you don t do that You know you want to Luckily for me, things work out in a way that makes me somewhat happy Richard dying would have made me happier, but hey, you can t win them all.
Actually, this gets me thinking What would I love to see happen in the Anita Blake series 1 Anita decides to start wearing Converse shoes instead of Nikes.
2 Anita starts acting courteous to others.
3 Instead of using guns, Anita soaks all of her stuffed penguins in gasoline, lights them on fire, and starts chucking them at the monsters trying to kill her 4 Jean Claude and Richard realize that Anita is a bitch and decide to marry each other and adopt a corgi named Rex that Jean Claude dresses up like Thor.
It could happen