[Mike Carey] ò The Devil You Know [womens-rights PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ä Cover 3 5Story 5 5Action 5 5Writing 5 5Favorite character s Felix, Rafi Asmodeus, ScrubMost annoying character s Juliet, Gabe, Rich, DamjohnLoved this book However, I ll take away 1 star because of the bad ending Seriously view spoiler Juliet wants to be his apprentice or whatever hide spoiler There s something about all detective novels that provide a very nice pace for the prospective reader, a gentle lulling between beatings and the solving of murders, and this is only enhanced by the inclusion of ghosts and Succubi I only learned later into the reading of this that he s the author of other Constantine stories, so my initial connection made perfect sense Hell, I like Constantine, so this is pretty much perfect for me.
I know I m going to like the rest of the series, if this is a good sample Fun stuff.
Felix Castor Is A Freelance Exorcist, And London Is His Stamping Ground It May Seem Like A Good Ghost Buster Can Charge What He Likes And Enjoy A Hell Of A Lifestyle But There S A Risk Sooner Or Later He S Going To Take On A Spirit That S Too Strong For Him While Trying To Back Out Of This Ill Conceived Career, Castor Accepts A Seemingly Simple Ghost Hunting Case At A Museum In The Shadowy Heart Of London Just To Pay The Bills, You Understand But What Should Have Been A Perfectly Straightforward Exorcism Is Rapidly Turning Into The Who Can Kill Castor First Show, With Demons And Ghosts All Keen To Claim The Big Prize That S OK Castor Knows How To Deal With The Dead It S The Living Who Piss Him Off Yay, this was on my Kindle for a long time, and since my romance kick has cooled, I picked it up VERY HAPPY I DID Felix Castor is an exorcist in an alt London, attitude y and very enjoyable This is a non romance type paranormal, so it was a nice break from my usual, and I really loved the mystery aspect of the book, it was well done In addition, it kinda creeped me out, so I had to check the closet twice before bed time Ghosts can be creepy even in print Jim Butcher fans will like this series I am reading the second one tonight Great urban fantasy Urban Fantasy but man does it move slooooow Also, it s one of those books where the main character does a lot of thinking and explaining to the audience and I m left wondering what the other characters are doing when he s taking 10 minutes to explain demons or whatever Playing All Hail the Queen headdesk God Save the Queen with their armpit Making a trip to Burger King Summoning their own demon However, it was quite nice to a have a different type of Rosa a character in the book We are not just motel maids who sassily give info to rule breaking cops no, we re also Eastern European teen strippers who are tired of your shit Thank you, Mr Carey.
Okay, I picked this up on the strength of a recommendation that if I liked Jim Butcher s Dresden series, I d probably like these I can t say that There is a huge difference in this character, the world he functions in and the overall feel of the book When I say the world is different I m sure some thought or said aloud well of course the world s different, did you expect it to take place in the same world No My meaning there was that the world is a much darker negative place Fix is a far nihilistic guy than Harry will ever be and the book feels far chill to me in it s over all point of view.
Now, taking the book on it s own terms, the writing is done well and it s readable The comfortable you are with English idiom, probably the better, but that can be said about American idiom in many other books, Australian, in others and so on Fix Felix is an exorcist, but don t think ministers, priests, prayers, or anything church related Fix had a hard childhood what urban fantasy protagonist didn t and is scarred what urban fantasy protagonist isn t He has a gift that makes him sensitive to the presence of Ghosts.
and other creepy critters He can feel them if they re around and see them some people can t actually see ghosts You see something has happened and dead things are suddenly very common and there is really no longer any question that ghosts and other things exist These other things include zombies, demons, weres ,all of which are called loup garou french basically for wolf man who changes into animal no matter what animal they are In this world a were is an animal possessed by a ghost of a human.
Fix had a bad experience that introduced him to his gift when he was young and then later, as a young man had another that caused him to swear off his exorcist gig Of course that can t stick or we wouldn t have a book.
The novel has a few subtexts and we see Fix all the way through mentally chewing over the after life, what may be going on with all the dead and undead andbig question.
where do these ghosts etc go when he exorcises them Not a bad book I was torn on my rating, I am settling on a 3 though it may be closer to a 2.
5 A couple of times I put the book down and almost wrote it off, but finally went back to it and finished I think at this point I may try one , but it s not like I don t have a lot to read If the next doesn t hit me any better I probably won t pursue the series any further Oops Did an update Looked back and found several typos You move on You move back On because you re always getting older, back because there s always a set of habits and routines to catch you and suck you back in when your guard is down I loved Mike Carey s writing style, it s sublime colorful, poetic flow, funny when it s supposed to be, dramatic when it s supposed to be Not all of the British terminology is familiar, but I adore the British writing tone as long as it s not bone dry And hey, learn something new every day The protagonist Felix is a likeable guy his outlook works, his humors fun, he s a good sort He has the unique ability to see ghosts and try to help them cross over to an unknown side he avoids thinking about or even believing in half the time The woman he s staying with is a likeable mystery Scary villains are scary And his friend in the mental asylum was uber disturbing That succubus thoughThe plot was interesting and just that touch of different that makes it stand out from other UF Felix is a down on his luck sort of guy who gets hired, against his better judgement, to take on a job that he shouldn t have taken on From there things fall down the lego effect hole and bad goes to worse and then worse still.
So why a 3 star rating For some reason I just couldn t get into the story much, it wouldn t grab my attention There s some lagging here and there so perhaps a trimming of book length would help Fans of male leads in Urban Fantasy series should try this one and see how they like it Overall a dark, gritty Urban Fantasy with a strong mystery, an enjoyable voice via the main character, and creepy touches with demon and ghost appearances I couldn t get fully emerged in this story, but it warrants trying the sequel out.

This was excellent, darker than I thought it would, but better for it I will definitely be continuing with this series.
The tone of this novel is bleak, saturnine, and wry Shades of horror and dark urban fantasy blended into a noir mystery that kept me guessing until the end I love when a writer is able to pull all the elements together that he introduces to me, from beginning to end And that s what Mike Carey does here Tight plotting and subtle characterization Even the characters that would seem stereotypical have depth and intensity.
Felix Castor gets added to my roster of male lead urban fantasy go to characters He is a cynical, flawed, morally unpredictable man who somehow shows a deep sense of right and wrong, even if his means don t exactly scream Boy Scout When he could have just walked away several times, or taken the easy road, saving his own skin and putting money in his pockets, he digs deeper, compelled to do the right, although not easy thing That s what I like in a protagonist Flawed, questionable, but in the end, someone I can root for.
The world building and esoterical aspects of this story are distinctive and not at all easy to pin down Here we have an self declared atheist, who sees and exorcises ghosts and has had some very uneasy experiences with demons I don t really see Castor so much as an atheist, but of a hard hearted agnostic How could he not credit the existence of God and the devil if he sees it right in front of him It s not a matter of belief when it s staring you in the face Instead, he merely chooses not to look deeply into those aspects of the world he is confronted with, much like a stubborn person who refuses to look at the person who is in authority over him Just my take, really Ghosts fascinate me This book delves into the whys and wherefore of hauntings, asking the reader to ponder, even if Castor refuses to do so He merely deals with them, sending them wherever they are supposed to go from this plane of existence in which they linger as melancholy shadows Carey doesn t force the reader to draw conclusions, but leaves it up to those who care enough to come to their own understanding This book fits into my view of hauntings at any rate, although I have my own opinions about what comes next, even as I question what forces keep a spirit here on this plane.
Zombies and werebeasts also have a presence in Castor s world of London I never thought of weres the way that Carey explains them, and I appreciate the novel elements here Zombies are merely reanimated bodies inhibited by spirits In fact, Nick, one of Castor s contacts is a reanimated corpse who has a serious case of conspiracy theoriaisis Which makes him good, very good at finding out information Clearly zombies although not called by that name exist, but they are just another aspect that Carey doesn t explain to death He merely puts this oddness out there in a real world context, and lets the reader do what they like with the information This is a dark read Surprisingly the supernatural elements aren t what lends the darkest flavor It s the glimpse at very human evil at the depths that made me shudder as I read And I think Castor and I are in the same boat on that I really want to give this fire stars I can t say that there was anything lacking in the execution Carey is a very good writer For a 500 page novel, my attention didn t wander, and I was drawn fully into this world His characterization is very good, he sets atmosphere with a deft, expert hand, and he imparts a sophisticated flavor to this noir urban fantasy that I found very seductive There were than a few words that I didn t know, and wanted to look up, but I was too busy reading to be bothered, and I was able to figure out through context He clearly appreciates London in all his flavors, and I appreciated the opportunity to pay this ancient city a visit, even though there was a dark, gritty cast to this venerable metropolis, which is altogether real, I have no doubt.
I was very impressed with this novel It captures what I like very well in my urban fantasy The dark and gritty, the wry humor, the intriguing supernatural elements, and in a way that doesn t make me cry same old same Definitely one for this reader s keeper shelf, and a series that I will happily follow.
Solid three and a half stars I m rounding up in Carey s case, because I think his hero is suffering from comparison to Carey s own Constantine, and Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden I too thought of Harry Dresden while I was reading, but I found Felix Castor to be likeable, and the overall story enjoyable It is clearly a first book in a series, meaning that there is a great deal of world building I felt it was worthwhile, and not excessive to me, but I enjoy a well thought out world and the investment is worth it as I plan to continue with the series The worldview itself isn t that unusual, but it s set up nicely, so that we are gentle immersed in it, feeling it build around us I prefer that over the throw you in the deep end and let you figure it out mentality London geography has me lost, but I don t mind.
Felix is a thoughtful hero, and I appreciate his ability to reflect on his values and perhaps even change His self reflection lacks the self indulgent, whining, why me tone that some heroes have I m talking to you, Harry Dresden Humor is present in daily interactions, but it is not so ever present that storyline and character are sacrificed for the witty response.
An interesting comparison to Dresden that no one seems to mention is that there is really very little supernatural politics to date The plot is along the lines of a resolve the mystery and figure out how the pieces fit together with a fair amount of action keeping the pace going However, Castor doesn t take beating after beating until he s so battered you wonder how he is still standing Harry You again , which helps sustain a believable pace.