ä Sleeping with Fear (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #9; Fear #3) É Download by Ò Kay Hooper I do not recall that I ever read any of Kay Hooper s books in the past This one called to me as I stood in the library carrels with exactly one minute to go before the library closed I had already found that there were no books by the author I was looking for, so I reached up and grabbed this one Although there is absolutely nothing in the publisher s text inside or outside to reveal it, except that there is a small banner at the bottom of the front cover saying it is a Bishop Special Crimes Unit novel, this turns out to be part of a 9 book series, and it was good enough that I ll look for others in the series, which apparently are based on a storyline that there is a special section of the FBI consisting of agents who are psychics, who use their special abilities to solve crimes This time there was no problem with reading an out of sequence novel, as this appears to be the only or first one dealing with the central character, one of the members of the unit, who is combining a well earned vacation with a minor investigation of apparent occult happenings, which happens to be her specialty While I am bad mouthing the publisher Bantam , let me point out that the cover illustration shows a blonde in bed, holding an automatic which would be fine, except that the character happens to be black Do publishers illustrators editors proofreaders ever read what the produce There are several twists in this plot that make it interesting, in addition to the central theme of a psychic group of detectives Unfortunately, I cannot talk too much about the story without giving away too much of the story involved in these twists The major one, right from the first sentence, is that this particular psychic wakes up to find that she has lost her psychic ability and cannot remember what happened in the preceding three weeks of time Being of stern stubbornness, however, she resolves to continue investigating whatever it was she was investigating, which leads her to new discoveries, including a lover she does not remember having met.
The ending seems a little abrupt, but it s a good story and a good read.
I really liked the first two in the series, but this one was a disappointment Just never really felt a connection to the characters or an interest it what was happening in the book.
Fear Has Never Been So Close New York Times Bestselling Author Kay Hooper Returns With A Relentless Thriller That Brings Her Readers Face To Face With Fear Itself In This Terrifying New Novel, A Psychic Special Agent Finds Herself Caught Up In A Tangled Web Of Secrets, Lies And EvilRiley Crane Woke Up Fully Dressed, A Gun Under Her Pillow, And Covered In Blood Even Frightening, She Didn T Remember What Happened The Night Before In Fact, She Barely Remembered The Previous Three WeeksAn Ex Army Officer, Now A Federal Agent Assigned To The Special Crimes Unit, Riley Was A Chameleon A Clairvoyant Who Could Blend In With Her Surroundings, Be Anyone Or Anything She Chose To Be The SCU S Expert On The Occult, She D Been Sent To The Beachfront Cottage On Opal Island By Her Enigmatic Chief, Noah Bishop, To Investigate Reports Of Dangerous Occult Activity But That Was Three Weeks Ago Now She S Awoken To Discover That She S Got A Sexy New Man In Her Life And An Unreliable Memory, And That The Clairvoyant Abilities She S Always Depended On To Protect Her Are MIA Worse Yet, With SCU Resources Stretched Thinner Than Ever Before, Riley Is Alone And Without Backup, Feeling Her Way Through A Deadly Game Of Blind Man S Bluff, Where No One Around Her Is Quite Who Or What They Seem And A Bizarre Murder Is Only The First Jarring Reminder Of How High The Stakes Really AreBishop Wants Riley Off The Case So Does Powerful Local DA Ash Prescott Both Her Old Retired Army Buddy Gordon Skinner And Sheriff Jake Ballard Believe She Can Catch A Vicious Killer But One Of These Four Men Knows Exactly What S Going On In This Coastal Community, And That S Knowledge Riley Desperately Needs For What Riley Can T Remember Is Than Enough To Cost Her Her Life This Time Evil Isn T Just Closer Than She Thinks It S Already There From The Hardcover Edition This is a book from one of my favorite series about psychic FBI agents I ve read it 10 times at least Enough to have creases in the binding and I m a very gentle paperback user.
Riley Crane is an FBI agent working for Bishop s Special Crime Unit, which is a team of psychic FBI agents that get the worst of the worst crimes when ordinary investigation isn t yielding results.
Riley is ex army and joined the unit three years prior in order to investigate a serial killer we get flashbacks to these moments throughout the book Then she wakes one day to find herself in bed but covered in blood and missing all of her memories for the prior three weeks She feels very strongly that if she s recalled to Quantico she will forever lose those memories so she talks Bishop into letting her stay for a bit longer As she tries to piece things together she discovers that she s uncharacteristically become romantically involved with a man that she may not remember but her body certainly does I just had to word it that way So this is primarily a crime novel where Riley, who is the unit s specialist in the occult, is trying to solve the mystery of what appears to be a series of satanic rites that are specifically used to generate a great deal of energy The kind of energy that it should be absolutely impossible to absorb and direct But this series is also written with a romantic sub plot where the characters always find the perfect someone Someone who compliments them romantically and psychically.
I m a sucker for psychics and I m a sucker for crime novels so this series is practically made for me I ve read them all many times and I expect to read them many.
Love this series of unusual crime investgators, that use their paranormal gifts to fight crime, a special unit of the FBI One member goes off on her own to check on possible occult activity her specialty , and goes under the guise of a vacation, but really doing a favor for an old army buddy Of course, it gets a lot complicated than that Very good, fast paced mystery.
Sleeping with Fear by Kay Hooper Series Bishop Special Crimes Unit 9The Fear Trilogy, 3Mystery, Thriller Suspense Psychological Thrillers ParanormalEven before she opened her eyes, Riley Crane was aware of two things Her pounding head, and the smell of blood Riley Crane, member of FBI SCU unit of psychics and an expert on occult rituals, woke up fully dressed, a gun under her pillowand covered in blood.
Even frightening, her special abilities seem to have vanished, along with her memory of the past three weeks, including how she comes to wake up covered in blood She appears to be actively involved with the local authorities in the investigation of the several crimes, and turns out that she is intimately involved with the local D.
A, Ash Prescott Things get even complicated when decapitated man is discovered hanging near what seems to be a ritualistic crime sceneThis book kept me guessing right up until the end As the book is told from Riley s point of view, then the reader is left to question who can Riley trust and what s going on I liked that the reader can feel the same sense of confusion that the heroine does and that gives the book real mystery I hate stories that give too much away with different POV, so there s no mystery left The ending seemed a little abrupt, but it s a good story and a good read.
This is book 9 in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit but it can be read as standalone.
Maybe this is better to other people, I found it rather boring.

Love this series Another great read by kay hooper.
Sleeping with Fear is book nine in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit by Kay Hooper Riley Crane took leave to help a friend find out what was going on in his hometown However, things started to happen to Riley, and a body was found that looked like a human sacrifice Riley came out of hiding to help the local law enforcement The readers of Sleeping with Fear will continue to follow the twist and turns in Riley investigation and start to wonder will Riley fall in love with Ash or Jake I enjoyed reading Sleeping with Fear I love Kay Hooper portrayal of her characters especially Riley and Ash and the way she entwined her characters with each other throughout Sleeping with Fear Kay Hooper knows how to engage me from the beginning and to ensure that I will be unable to stop reading Sleeping with Fear until the last page Sleeping with Fear is well written and researched by Kay Hooper I like the way, Kay Hooper, describes her plots and settings The readers of Sleeping with Fear will learn about being a psychic and the benefits they can be to law enforcement Also, readers of Sleeping with Fear will learn about Satanism and other occult rituals.
I recommend this book.
This is my first Kay Hooper novel So the MC is a female FBI agent who also happens to be a psychic Now usually that whole paranormal thing is not my thing That part of this book really didn t capture me and pull me in I was disinterested in that part, but there was plenty of other things going on that did interest me So 3 stars.