Download Epub Format ☆ Sense of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #6; Evil #3) PDF by ê Kay Hooper My first Kay Hooper story and I love the BCU and Bishop s team.
Serial killers, FBI agents, psychic powers and romancewhat s not to love about these books A paranormal FBI group helps locals solve difficult murders and this time one of the members of the group is on the killer s list A very good twist in this layered plot Although you see it coming, you don t clearly see it Great character development and interactions between the characters I m actually listening to this series rather than physically reading it and I m enjoying the various readers quite a lot They add a bit to the characters personalities that solidifies who they are.
Kay Hooper Is The Brightest New Star Of Suspense Fiction Now The New York Times Bestselling Author Who S Built A Reputation For Keeping Her Readers Pulse In The Red Zone Delivers A Thriller That Will Stun The Senses All Six Of Them This Time A Psychic Special Agent And A Gritty Cop Must Stop A Brutal Killer With A Chilling MO And An UnstoppableSense Of EvilThe Victims Are Always The Same Beautiful, Successful, And Blond Someone Was Able To Coax These Intelligent And Confident Women Away From Safety Someone Was Able To Gain Their Trust Long Enough To Do The Unthinkable Their Shocking Murders Have Terrified The Inhabitants Of A Small, Peaceful Town Where Such Heinous Crimes Are Simply Not Supposed To Happen Police Chief Rafe Sullivan Knows He Has To Find Answers Fast Before Another Woman Is Lured To Her Death But Sullivan Literally Doesn T Have A Clue And When The FBI Sends One Of Their Top Profilers To Help, He S Than A Little Surprised That His New Partner Is Nothing Like The Straight By The Book Suit He ExpectsSpecial Agent Isabel Adams Is Tough, Fearless, Determined, And Every Bit Sullivan S Equal She S Also Psychic And BlondSkeptical Of His New Partner S Ability To Get Inside The Mind Of A Killer, Sullivan Can T Deny That Isabel Has Tuned In To The Killer S Wavelength, And Is Following The Twisted Thoughts Of A Murderer Obsessed With Stalking, Seduction, And Death But In Getting So Close, Isabel Has Set Herself Up As The Next Victim Now, With Time Running Out, She And Rafe Will Find Themselves Forced To Take The Greatest Risk Of All, Because This Psychopath Is Playing For Keeps And Isabel Is The Perfect Trophy Unable To Turn Back, Isabel May Have Already Gone Too Far Smart, Savvy, And Confident, She May Find That The Very Qualities That Have Kept Her Alive Could Turn Out To Be Her Undoing For Isabel Has Entered The World Of A Cold Blooded Monster Who Kills Without Mercy And Eludes Every Sense But One The Sense Of Evil Police chief Rafe Sullivan is in over his head tracking down a serial killer of successful, blonde women in his small town So he asks for help from the Special Crimes Unit of the FBI So he s surprised when Isabel Adams, a blonde and psychic agent comes in Isabel is clairvoyant, able to pick up the voices of places and people in order to figure out what happened She, Rafe along with his team and her partner Hollis Templeton from Touch of Evil do what they can to track down a killer who is a visionary killer, and clearly not what anyone expects him to be Here, the suspense was absolutely awesome, and there was no way to see the twist at the end coming Nope, no way There s a fairly decent police procedural thing happen and sprinkled into it are mini cases where different women some blonde, some not have gone missing and the police have to figure out whether they re victims or not It was also really cool to see Hollis trying to adjust to her new ability and I m hoping she gets a book of her own The dynamic between Rafe and Isabel was pretty good, but their chemistry felt a bit lukewarm really They worked well together and discovering that view spoiler Rafe was psychic and that s what the blood visions were all about hide spoiler I am hooked on this series This is the third book by this author that I ve read I like her stories, but I haven t been pulled into them like other books have in this same genre I m not quite sure why I like the MC and the clairvoyant angle Overall, I liked the story, I just didn t love it But one great thing about this was that I felt like I should have seen the ending coming, but I didn t It completely fit though So 3 stars.
Sense of Evil by Kay HooperSeries Bishop Special Crimes Unit 6The Evil Trilogy, 3Mystery, Thriller Suspense Psychological Thrillers ParanormalTwo investigators, Isabel Adams and Hollis Templeton, have special abilities but they have not come to master those abilities just yet Still the FBI s Special Crimes Unit sends them to work the case of serial killer who kills blond women in Hastings Isabel is also blond, btw Sorry, but I just don t believe that the FBI would send two unreliable amateurs to solve murders It was getting painful to read how these agents try to use their abilities and how hopeless they are at preventing further murders I felt like the plotline, characterizations, and romance were all sidelined by repeated explanations of the why s and how s of psychic work What s the point in including these special abilities when Isabel and Hollis could not actually use them Besides there were too many characters running around and I have no idea why some of them were even introduced or what they had to do with the story Try Dream Man by Linda Howard instead.

Well bugger me sideways I didn t see that one coming That ending was not only a shock but also a bit out of left field but made a good book great.
I tend to wary of Mystery novels I usually just don t care, and I m not into the mundane plots However, I have a soft spot for any tales concerning FBI Agents and these are FBI Agents with Psychic Powers I am SO there My first book by Kay Hooper, and I m pretty well hooked A lot of the normal, cliched Mystery stuff is here, but was able to fly right through it thanks to the interesting angle This same angle the supernatural seems to be why a number of readers don t care for the series I honestly think these books would do better with fans of Jim Butcher s Dresden Files and other Urban Fantasy In any case, I will be tracking down tales of The SCU.
This is the sixth book in the Bishop series and even though I liked it , there was something missing Usually her books have a good amount of romance which was missing and there was not enough character development of the main character Rafe I did like the protagonist FBI agent Isabel Adams who is smart , beautiful , sexy and bold I was also glad to read about Hollis Templeton and hope she gets her own book soon Overall an ok read , as the mystery was good and the whodunit caught me completely by surprise I would give it 3 1 2 starshttps chloesbooksblog.