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5 star s I didn t love this book as much as the first but it was still a good read.
After reading the first two books in the series I really wanted to learn about Bishop Out of the Shadows fills in many of the blanks about him He is an interesting character Dark and dangerous In this story we see his failure and pain from past mistakes Like the first book the events take place in a small town with a lot of interesting characters I guessed the killer early in the book then I changed my mind until closer to the end Kay Hooper does a great job building the suspense I couldn t decide if the team would find the murderer before s he finds the next victim I love a good nail bitter Like the second book the ending is a little fantastical I didn t drop the rating as much because I found out that Kay Hooper is a Dark Shadows fan I was a Dark Shadows fan too Knowing that the last two endings make sense However, it didn t keep me in the story like the procedural and the special crimes unit did I get her intent It is the execution that didn t work as well for me.
This one is where the story really takes off and I always feel like the first two are unnecessary This is Bishop and Miranda s story Since I read these all out of order the first time, the fact that there was a Bishop and Miranda story surprised me Eight years prior to this novel Bishop made a Big Mistake that sent Miranda fleeing with her younger sister, Bonnie After changing her name Miranda becomes a deputy in a small Tennessee town and eventually becomes sheriff When a serial killer starts killing local teens Miranda has no choice but to call in Bishop s elite FBI team, a team made up entirely of psychics.
One of the things I like about this particular book is that there are multiple stories going on While there s a serial killer striking frequently there s also some ghostie stuff going on that goes in a really cool direction I really love the final wrap up in this It s such a dramatic scene and I love the visuals.
So now we are finally able to become personal with Agent Noah Bishop and again we are plunged into another small town where a serial killer resides When Sheriff Miranda Knight reunites with her old lover, Bishop walls slam up, tensions rise and there is no stopping these two from focusing on the case and ignoring the past We learn that Bishop has formed a team of extraordinary agents, agents with abilities no less and it was a terrific thriller throughout The killer is a bit weird though, and I wasn t real satisfied with the ending Kind of bland Corpses were drained of blood, eyes gouged out, beatings the MO was never consistent and the emotions of the killer was confusing I seriously thought I was going to have to put this series away, but this novel has opened me up to thepossibility of a marathon read on Bishop Tall, dark, handsome and psychic to boot, but that was all I knew I enjoyed this one than the first two because it gives us a bit information and history about Bishop and his past This guy actually has feelings and a heart, yes SHORT VERSION AVOID THIS BOOK, AVOID THIS AUTHORokay, this is trash reading, but, jeez, i expected better kay hooper is a ny times bestselling author and after reading this book i couldn t tell you why i only gave the book two stars because i at least finished it let me tell you why i despised it, even for light reading.
the book is a mystery, but practically every character has some special ability they are psychic, they are mediums, they have visions whenever a person without these abilities learns of their existence, they just sort of shrug their shoulders and go on about their business no eyebrows raise, no one ever says hunh uh no one even gets curious.
well, dammit, i d be curious a healthy skepticism might ve helped me like the book, might have made the suspension of disbelief possible long enough to make a convincing mystery of the book.
anyway, the ending didn t ring true, either there was no, i knew it moment, no sudden understanding in that, hooper cheated, like a lot of bad writers.
all in all, the book isn t worth the paper it s printed on think that s harsh give it a try when you have a couple of hours to waste, but remember, you won t ever get those two hours back.

I m a big fan of the Bishop Special Investigations series, and I thought I d read them all, so how I could have missed the book where Bishop s relationship with Miranda is explained, I can t imagine However, I ve read it now and it was really good Kay Hooper always does a great job of using hide in plain sight misdirection to distract you from the key pieces of information even as she gives you all the stuff you need to figure out the killers I admit that I was caught completely by surprise when the killer in this story is unmasked I didn t see it coming at all.
The other thing Hooper is really good at is humanizing all her characters and getting the reader to strongly connect to, and care about all of them Without giving any spoilers, there are some shocking things that happen to people you wouldn t expect in the course of the book, and there are moments when you really aren t certain whether all the main characters are going to make it out alive at the end.
This book had a real ebb and flow rhythm that wasn t the usual constant build to a crescendo of a climax Instead startling things happen, then the plot seems to settle a bit to lull you into a false sense of security before dropping you off an unexpected cliff as a new shock hits you The eventual climax however, is very exciting and completely in keeping with the paranormal concept of the Bishop series, which is all I m going to say If you want , you need to read the book, and I recommend that you do if you are a paranormal mystery fan.
The other thing I especially liked about this one was the fact that we get to see a lot of Bishop and learn about who he was in his early years, and how those experiences, as well as his previous relationship with Miranda, have made him who he is now In all the other books, Bishop seems just a mysterious psychic wunderkind who knows all and sees all, but you never get any of his back story Well, his back story is in this book and I think I will enjoy the other books now that I know a little of Bishop s past This was one of my favorites so far in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit books by Kay Hooper I ve enjoyed the series extremely Unfortunately in my research to find on this author, I think I have read these books out of chronological order I hate when I do that, but it does explain some of the inconsistencies I encountered.
More about Bishop is revealed including his past and his abilities Sheriff Miranda Knight is introduced in this installment and she is quite the paranormal Her talents are extraordinary Her relationship with Bishop is fascinating to watch unfold Of course, the relationship started long before this book, so here we are finding out what happens now That can be quite fun.
I think the dynamic between Miranda and Bishop was very entertaining I would have liked to know about their past There are glimpses, but I was hungry for details I guess that s good writing leaving you wanting.
The plot which Miranda and Bishop find themselves in is quite interesting Despite the clues given the reader, I was surprised by the culprit No spoilers here, though.
All in all a very good read I want Bishop SCU Now on to the Evil series.
Another good book from Kay Hooper who never disappoints her readers This book has a good story but also lots of background about Bishop and Miranda s relationship past and present I am behind on the KH books but will definitely keep reading Recommended Having read the first two in the Shadows series by Kay Hooper, I was really disappointed when I d finished reading Out of the Shadows This novel was nowhere near the same standard of writing as the first or second Sheriff Miranda Knight is psychic and has escaped to a small town in America, where she has changed her name to escape her past.
Miranda s past is referred to throughout the book, however the complete story came far too late and after waiting so long to find out, it was almost an anti climax.
The tension romance between FBI Agent Bishop and Sheriff Miranda Knight annoyingly detracted from the plot in which young people were being murdered in the town The snow storm was a cliche and I found myself rolling my eyes at the predictability of certain points.
I read about the hunt for the murderer with interest and the ending was satisfying, however in general this was an average read I would enjoy reading about further cases featuring this team of FBI Agents made up of psychics and those with special abilities, so I ll leave myself open to reading further books by Kay Hooper in the future.
TO CATCH THIS KILLER, SHE MUST BREAK EVERY RULE AND CROSS EVERY LINEA Picture Perfect Tennessee Town Has Just Become A Monster S Hunting Ground Two Bodies Are Found Tortured To Death A Third Person Goes Missing What Little Evidence Is Left Behind Defies All Explanation Is The Terror Just Beginning Or Have The Good Citizens Of Gladstone Harboured A Dark Secret For A Long Time Sheriff Miranda Knight Is Determined To Make Her Small Town Safe Once And She Does What She Swore She Would Never Do Involve FBI Profiler Noah Bishop He S The One Man Who Knows About Her Unique Abilities, And That Knowledge Almost Destroyed Her And Her Sister Years Ago Now, As Bishop Arrives With His Team Of Agents, Miranda Must Learn To Trust Him And Use Her Abilities Once For They Re About To Go On The Hunt For A Killer Whose Madness Has No Bounds, A Killer Who Knows Exactly How To Destroy Miranda By Preying On Her Sister