Lord Darcy (Omnibus) ê Download by ¶ Randall Garrett Randall Garrett s classic fantasy detective makes for a fun read Unlike many detective stories readers are given enough information that most of the time you have a chance of figuring out the answer from the clues But the answer is never so obvious that anyone but a dedicated reader of mysteries will figure it out quickly if at all.
For those who do figure out the answer on the first page, there is plenty of fun character interaction, a bit of political maneuvering and even a touch of romance to keep the story interesting.
Magic and world building geeks will appreciate the well thought out magic system and the pedagogal Master Seamus who loves to explain how and why magic works to anyone who asks Since these explanations are often important to understanding the clues to the mystery, they don t slow down the narrative too much but your mileage may vary.
All in all a fun read for fans of fantasy and mystery.
This is a tough one I ve been wanting to read these stories for a long time, after having read The Ipswich Phial in at least a couple anthologies many, many years ago And in terms of the premise and setting, the stories lived up to what I hoped they would be Garrett has constructed an enjoyable world in these stories, and he s put some thought into how they evolved The laws of magic he uses will be familiar to any reader of Isaac Bonewits among others , so they mesh perfectly with the European setting But in the end the stories left me felt wanting The stories do get better as they go along, but I kept wishing Garrett was a better stylist than he was The first three stories, in particular, are painfully earnest at times And as mysteries, well, they don t quite deliver The body in a locked room scenarios are a little too cliched, and the guilty parties make one too many, You ll never take me, copper style attempts to escape Having said that, these are definitely entertaining diversions Baen would ve done everyone a favor by going with a smaller font, so this 650 page book would have been at least slightly easier to take along on a vacation or a plane ride, which would be the perfect venue for them A slightly less horrendous cover would ve been nice too, but, you know, Baen If you re a fan of mysteries and of fantasy settings, I would still say they re worth a try.
Welcome To An Alternate World Where Richard The Lion Heart Did Not Die In The Year Where Magic Is A Science And Science Is An Art Where The Great Detective Lord Darcy And The Sorcerer Sean O Lochlainn Combine Occult Skills And Brilliant Deductions To Bring Criminals To The King S Justice And Thwart Those Who Plot Against The Realm Welcome To A World Where Murder May Be Committed By Magic Most Foul, But Crime Still Does Not Pay As Long As Lord Darcy Is On The Case There was not anything really wrong with this story collection, the problem I have with it is that there just did not seem to be enough to it The world created is essentially the Plantagenets winning the Hundred Years War and creating a Western European empire, but it honestly feels just like another of the great powers we had prior to the first world war The crimes have magical elements but pretty standard cases Lord Darcy himself feels like a bit of a blank slate.
If there is an issue it is that I just didn t have any fun reading them, it was easy to get through but I was soon doing out of deteremination than actual sense of enjoyment.
IF you haven t seen this, don t feel bad They it is a set are hard to find unless someone has reprinted them Imagine a world where Richard the Lion Hearted does not go goosing off to fight the infidels and stays home and tends to business He ushers in an era of peace and prosperity.
and magic Yes the laws of magic are discovered Centuries pass and enter Lord Darcy chief investigator for his majesty Magic aids his investigations and he runs into some characters that are amazingly similar to classic detectives of fiction These are fun books if you can find them and Randal Garrett is not to be missed.
The premise is wonderful The execution is lacking The premise is that an English French empire formed with the Plantagenet kings of England and that for 800 years the Plantegenets had ruled this empire Throw into the mix that this is a universe where magic works but is considered a science and you have the basis for some interesting stories.
The problem is that the mystery element of the stories is lacking Lord Darcy knows all, almost without effort, though we as the reader never have enough information to possibly solve the mystery The characters are also fairly uninspired making it hard to stay engaged.
So, while the premise was wonderful and got me through the books, I never went looking for anything by the same author.
read 1 of the 4 books contained Saving rest for later Too good to read all at once Must savor Love Lord Darcy.
A wonderful occult version of Shelock Holmes The only weak story is the last one.

5 stars for the collection as a whole The writing is simple and the characterizations are shallow, but the stories are fun A little hokey, but fun I was entertained by the setting and amused by the scientific applications of magic.
This 700 page omnibus contains the entire Lord Darcy series 10 short stories and the Hugo nominated novel Too Many Magicians They are straightforward detective stories mostly locked room mysteries set in an alternate fantasy world where a large and prosperous Anglo French Empire is still ruled in the 20th century by the descendants of Henry Plantagenet.
It seems that Richard the Lionheart did not die from his arrow wound in 1199, but survived to fight off his wicked brother John and leave the throne to their nephew Arthur who in real life was probably murdered by King John This second King Arthur proved worthy of his namesake, and so the Plantagenets and their empire persevered and flourished.
Lord Darcy is the Chief Criminal Investigator for His Royal Highness, Richard, Duke of Normandy He s a dashing man of action with a Sherlock Holmes intellect This world uses magic, strictly regulated by the church, as a substitute for science, and Lord Darcy solves crimes with the aid of forensic sorcery performed by his sorcerer sidekick.
Garrett wrote the early stories in the 1960 s and they take place in the same time frame in this alternate world The technology is mostly at a Victorian level gas lighting, horse drawn carriages, steam engines but in some areas magic exceeds the capabilities of modern science.
The society of the empire is a cheerful, modern version of feudalism The hereditary nobility wield actual power in a benevolent, regulated sort of way It reminds me a little bit of the society in the Honor Harrington novels The reader might get tired of all the my lording, since most of the characters are lords, duchesses, marquises or Masters of this or that, and nearly always address each other formally.
RatingReview This review originally appeared on Out of this World Reviews I picked up a copy of Lord Darcy by Randall Garrett a while back as part of my research into a potential future project that would blend the genres of fantasy and mystery Lord Darcy is just that alternate historical fiction blended with mystery It s a world where Richard the Lion Hearted did not die on the battlefield, but instead went on to build the foundation of the greatest empire the world has ever seen.
Lord Darcy is Chief Special Investigator for the Duke of Normandy and, as such, he s called in to solve particular crimes perpetrated against members of the aristocracy Much like Holmes had his Watson, Darcy has his O Lochlainn Master Sorcerer Sean O Lochlainn, to be precise Magic works in a sort of alchemy meets science manner There are Laws of Magic and symposiums, all regulated by the government to the point where sorcerers must be licensed to practice else face severe penalties There is also Black Magic, outlawed and dangerous as one might expect Rest assured Darcy and O Lochlainn have a tangle or two with practitioners of the dark form of sorcery.
Lord Darcy is a collection of short stories While some are clever, others are so brief it s hard to immerse oneself in them There is the novella Too Many Magicians which I found kind of droll much of it is told through dialog and it quickly wore me down and I really found it confusing at times.
Lord Darcy the character this time and others come across as flat, and I think this is the biggest flaw with the entire collection The characters have histories Darcy himself is in his 40 s I m guessing but we re never given much of a glimpse into his past or anything about his personal life It s all about the crimes and the ease at which he sees what no one else can This unfortunately is the fatal flaw in this book for me I never cared a whole lot whether the crime was solved or not, the murderer discovered, or the conspirators brought to justice Sorry, but that s just not good.