[ Pdf Hunting Fear (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #7; Fear #1) Þ comic-book PDF ] by Kay Hooper Ó A friend gave me this book and it sat in my bookshelf for a long time before I read it If I d known it was this good, I would have read it sooner It centres around an FBI unit made up of psychics, although they keep a pretty low profile because of public skepticism They re hunting a serial killer who kidnaps a victim, collects the ransom and then leaves the victim somewhere to die to see if the psychic can find them At the start of the book, only one victim has lived so the pressure on the unit is huge to catch the killer.
This is the first in a trilogy and I look forward to reading the others The book is well written and the story and characters are believable.
I am a big fan of Kay Hooper and this book does not disappoint Hunting Fear is the first in what is sort of a series within a series The broader series is about a special unit within the FBI, formed by Noah Bishop All its members have some sort of psychic ability, including seers and mediums These agents use their abilities to hunt down the worst and most elusive criminals.
The Fear series follows agent Lucas Jordan, as he tries to find a serial killer who makes a game of murder Lucas psychic talent relies on his ability to tap into the fear of the victim However, tapping into that fear comes at a great personal price The plot never has a dull moment The characters are each well developed and their relationships are as much a part of the story as the murders While Hunting Fear is part of a series, a reader could easily pick this one up and read it as a stand alone.
Lucas Jordan Has An Extraordinary Psychic Skill That Police All Over The Country Find Invaluable He Locates Missing People And Since Being Recruited By Noah Bishop For His FBI Special Crimes Unit, Lucas Has Learned To Hone His Remarkable Ability So That What He Does Seems Little Short Of MiraculousHe S Called In On What Appear To Be A Series Of Ordinary Kidnappings For Ransom, But Almost Immediately Lucas Realizes The Situation Is Far From Ordinary And Deadly Than Anything He S Ever Faced Before Because A Brilliant, Twisted Madman Is Out To Win A Sick Game, Matching His Wits Against The Best Hunter He Can Find Lucas From The Hardcover Edition I had mnixed feeling about this one It was exciting, tension filled and intriguing The paranormal abilities of the characters were cool I liked minor characters like Wyett, Lindsey and Caitlin I thought the villain and his crimes were suitably blood chilling All in all I thought it was an exciting, well executed plot.
But I found Lucas surprisingly under developed In spite of him beind described and intense and focused, but found him lacking in personality And I found Samantha unbearable I kept waiting to hear what Lucas had done that was so unforgivable and when it came out, I was like, That s all I felt like telling her to grow up And I do understand that she kept important information from Lucas, she but it was pretty much under orders, and it was supposedly for his own good and for the greater good And that her needling him was supposedly the only was he would be able to unlock his psychic powers But some reason to me she just came off as arrogant and condecending And in the ned when he really did need to use his powers, it didn t really see how her needling helped himSo I guess this worked for me as a nice little thriller but it frankly would have been better off with no romantic overtones, because I really couldn t see any reason for Lucas to fall for Samantha since she was so obnoxious or for Samantha to fall for Lucas because he so blah 3.
5Lucas Jordan a psychic who feels people s fear, is good at finding missing people He s been tracking a serial kidnapper killer for the past 18 months and has finally stopped in the small town of Golden, where it seems, the endgame is going to play out He s surprised when Samantha Burke, carnival psychic and genuine one who was once his lover before he walked away because she d gotten too close She s still bitter about his leaving but determined to help on this case, claiming she d been drawn by a vision that she refuses to share with him He s suspicious of her and her motives, but won t refuse the help he needs against a killer who is always one step ahead of him Samantha will have to work to open Lucas up to his gifts, to eliminate the block that keeps him from using his talent most effectively But to do that may mean getting closer and risking herself than she ever planned I feel like I say this every time The suspense here is spot on It s fully engaging, it s truly suspenseful and page turning and there really is a mystery herewe nor the characters have any idea who is responsible and this becomes a roller coaster of emotions as we try to figure it all out The romance to a lesser degree engages At first, the tension between Samantha and Lucas was interesting and the reasons behind the second chance romance are sort of just crumbs reallyit takes a good portion of the book before you fully understand what happened between them and how Samantha really feels about it all In fact, her real motivations are pretty darn suspenseful in their own right But before we d gotten to the resolution of their tension, it kinda got annoying for me and I just wanted them to move on from it and get back to the case Nor do I feel like I ever really engaged with Lucas or connected to him because, as he keeps himself closed off from Samantha, he also feels closed off to the reader I felt like I didn t know anything about his background or his motivationsand by the end, it felt like this story needed to be told The tension between them isn t fully resolved he never really internalizes what his actions did to Samantha or apologizes for it Even the mystery is only partially resolved since view spoiler the accomplice actually gets away hide spoiler I ve read some of the BCU books in the past, and I don t know what I expected this one to be It s gruesome, and bad things happen to characters that you like It s kind of like it s a light mystery romance trying to be a suspense novel It doesn t quite fit either place But I will probably read of these in the future Because I can t help myself, not because they are great books.
340 page build up to a 10 page finale And the psychic angle proved to not be the determining factor in finding the killer Slightly disappointed.

Hunting Fear was really good I did, unfortunately, figure out the villain about halfway through, but it didn t hamper my enjoyment.
It wasn t super fast paced, but it moved along steady enough to keep me unable to set it down easily I actually read the majority of it today, unable to set it aside until I saw how it all played out.
One thing I did like is the lack of shock value crime details Some books, it seems, need to conjure images of horrible murder scenes to make an impact on the reader This book didn t go for any of those cheap thrills The wrongdoer was a brilliant person with great thought put into his acts of violence He actually wasn t particularly violent, per se, though people did die He was painstaking and planned.
One thing I would like to see of, since I m planning to read the rest in this series, is clues Since these books deal with a bit of the paranormal, the clues were just dropped on the reader without much investigative opportunity I like to dig into the mystery as much as the character, so I missed that part of the usual crime suspense mystery However, it was written well enough that I didn t miss it until I was already done reading it.
I love the Bishop series by Kay Hooper This one was a good thriller but I wish she had developed the characters a little better I finished the book but knew very little about Lucas or Sam Overall a good read but I have liked her other books in this series Hunting Fear4 StarsSCU member, Lucas Jordan, possesses the unique ability to sense a victim s terror and uses it to find those who are missing However, Lucas s skill is put to the test when a seemingly routine case of kidnapping for ransom turns into something far dangerous and personal Series Note This is the first book in Hooper s Fear trilogy but the seventh book in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit series While this is the first time Lucas and his love interest, Samantha, are introduced, there are minor references to characters from previous installments As with the earlier books in Hooper s SCU series, the twists and turns of the narrative and the diabolical nature of the crimes lead to a fast paced and engrossing read The romance, however, takes a back seat to the action Most of the characters are fleshed out well, and it is easy to empathize and sympathize with their predicaments Nevertheless, the hero is not as well developed and the lack of characterization impacts the reader s ability to follow the clues to the culprit s identity Likewise, Lucas s relationship with Samantha lacks foundation and background, so their conflict comes across as superficial and tiresome.
Consequently, readers expecting romance with their tension and suspense will be disappointed as this book, and the series as a whole, are firmly in the genre of paranormal mystery rather than romantic suspense However, those interested in a solid thriller with excellent secondary characters and some gritty murders should pick it up.