↠´ Still Waters ã Download by ☆ Donald Allen Kirch As the author of TORN, being addicted to all things pertaining to theTitanic, I just had to check out Still Waters by Donald Allen Kirch While most of us already know the story of the Titanic or some version of it I had never thought of it as a setting for a murder mystery Kirch brings into the story an ancient Egyptian mummy, a deadly curse, and grisly murders giving a traditional story a most interesting twist Because its premise is so unusual, it makes for an intriguing and fast read Although a work of fiction, a lot of research must have gone into this book for all its facts I found the book easy to read and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a curiosity about the Titanic or murder mysteries Donald Allen Kirch is an author who definitely has talent and one to keep your eyes out for Thank you Donald for a most entertaining story Amber Another great book Who knew what really happened to the Titanic Very enjoyable and I look forward to.

With so many stories milling about regarding the sinking of the Titanic, one wonders what the real truth is Perhaps Kirch, through his fictional novel Still Waters has deciphered the real catastrophe s secret Was it Ka Re Kirch brings together the Titanic s calamity with Egyptian beliefs, a mummy by the name of Ka Re that should have stayed in her resting place mayhem and murder This is not your typical report of the Titanic s fatal end Weaving together elements of believable characters with long ago forgotten curses, Kirch brings the reader to the water s edge with his fantastical tale of one mummy s form of justice Ka Re s desire for revenge shows no mercy as she kills those she believes defies her and her gods.
Dennis Parker, the archeologist who finds Ka Re and attempts to transport her remains on the Titanic back to America for the museum, believes the murder victims and lost souls from the Titanic aptly lay at his door he is guilt ridden Will Ka Re be the end of him or will the reverse be true Thumbs up to Kirch for composing a novel with a refreshing twist Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of In the Name of Revenge Donald worked for me at the time he was getting this book published I still have one of the first run of paperbacks he signed to me It was a great book, but it was an enjoyable read I would call it Stephen King lite.
I LOVED this book I didn t want to put it down A mummy on the Titanic Was that the reason she sank The characters were all very interesting.
Hollie Jackson is an wonderful narrator.
I was given this book by the narrator,author or publisher free for an honest review.
Here we have the historic Titanic cruise with a twist On this particular maiden voyage the HMS Titanic has an unwanted stowaway A 3,000 year old mummy has booked passage with its archeologist Dennis Parker Due to an age old curse the mummy comes alive and decided to sacrifice passenger and crew to her god in the hopes of removing said curse As with the real Titanic bottom line comes first and the Captain is persuaded to continue the voyage Stay tuned for a cat and mouse hunt for a mummy How many will survive How will Parker deal with his resurrected find This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.
WINNER Independent Audiobook Awards Best In HORROR Once They Said God Himself Could Not Sink Her On Board The RMS TITANIC, Professor Dennis Parker Believes He S Taking With Him To New York The Archeological Discovery Of A Lifetime As The Voyage Progresses, Passengers And Crew Become The Victims Of Several Grisly Murders Not Seen Since The Infamous Jack The Ripper All Clues Point To The Impossible The Murderer Is A , Year Old Mummy Named Ka Re Amid All The Death And Chaos, Parker Is Ultimately Forced To Choose Between Preserving His Lifelong Discovery And Saving Himself