↠´ City of Masks Æ Download by ✓ Daniel Hecht In City of Masks, The First Cree Black Novel, Parapsychologist Cree And Her Partner Take A Case In New Orleans S Garden District That Leaves Them Fearing For Their Own Lives The Year Old Beauforte House Has Long Stood Empty, Until Lila Beauforte Resumes Residence And Starts To See Some Of The House S Secrets Literally Come To Life Tormented By An Insidious And Violent Presence, Lila Finds Herself Trapped In A Life Increasingly Filled With Childhood Terrors It Takes Cree S Unconventional Take On Psychology And Her Powerful Natural Empathy With Lila To Navigate The Dangerous Worlds Of Spirit And Memory, As They Clash In A Terrifying Tale Of Mistaken Identity And Murder I picked up this as an audio book from the library for a road trip At the beginning I thought maybe I wouldn t like it, I m not into paranormal stuff But it got better as I went along and turned out to be a very good choice Lots of twists and turns in the plot and the actor reading was very good Even at 13 CDs big book it was very good and I plan on reading the next in the series.
EXCERPT Beaufort was frowning slightly, as if engaged in some internal calculus that gave him difficulty But perhaps he wasn t really such a smug bastard His scepticism was understandable Likewise his unfamiliarity with Psy Research Ltd smethods He had every right to vet what he considered a wacky Seattle outfit before handing over money There were plenty of idiots and con artists in the field and, however dubious, he was going through with it, honouring the request of his sister Lila who had called Cree last week sounding very distraught and desperate Clearly there was to him than the persona he felt he had to project THE BLURB In City of Masks, the first Cree Black novel, parapsychologist Cree and her partner take a case in New Orleans s Garden District that leaves them fearing for their own lives The 150 year old Beauforte House has long stood empty, until Lila Beauforte resumes residence and starts to see some of the house s secrets literally come to life Tormented by an insidious and violent presence, Lila finds herself trapped in a life increasingly filled with childhood terrors It takes Cree s unconventional take on psychology and her powerful natural empathy with Lila to navigate the dangerous worlds of spirit and memory, as they clash in a terrifying tale of mistaken identity and murder.
MY THOUGHTS I admit to having a love affair with New Orleans I love reading books set in the south City of Masks by Daniel Hecht is no disappointment It was everything I had hoped it would be Recently I read and reviewed Shirley Jackson s The Haunting of Hill House and was a little disappointed City of Masks has than made up for it This is a cracking good ghost story with a suspenseful story line Although I didn t find it scary, it was definitely suspenseful with an excellent plot Hecht has captured the atmosphere of New Orleans beautifully and his characters are superbly crafted.
We have a family matriarch, her beloved husband dead, as is her adored younger brother Her son is a man about town feckless and bordering on alcoholic And her daughter Lila, always a little unstable since her teenage years, is seeing ghosts and is hysterical They say that they are a family without secrets, and to all intents, they seem to be, until Cree starts listening to the ghosts, because ghosts don t have to keep secrets.
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If you are fascinated with New Orleans, the history, the culture, the things that go bump in the night and a story of old southern snobbery resulting from inherited wealth, then this is the book for you.
I liked it so much that I had a difficult time putting it down Cree Black is a paranormal investigator hired by a wealthy client who, because of vile things happening in her garden district mansion, feels as though she is literally going crazy.
Moving out of the mansion, still she is haunted by the events she saw This is than a psychological thriller, it is multi layered and riveting It is not hocus pocus or contrived for the sake of over the top scariness, rather is is well written and insightful.
Highly recommended.
This was a story with a lot of unrealized potential There was an interesting start with the promise of an intriguing case in New Orleans, but then the story lost momentum pretty quickly with way too much detail about the types of equipment Cree s partner used and a totally unnecessary story arch about an elderly lady and her recently departed dog I almost quit reading after she left the office and started rattling off lists of things she need to pack and do before leaving town One of the things she had to do before leaving town was to visit with her sister and twin nieces which involved revealing way too many boring details about these three non essential characters THEN she had a long boring visit with her mother But, when Cree FINALLY got to New Orleans the story started getting interesting again.
I enjoyed the descriptions of New Orleans and felt Hecht fleshed out all the characters very well There were some very interesting concepts for the paranormal elements, but many background details of the situation that caused the haunting were harder to believe than the existence of ghosts Also, the continuous insertion of scientific explanations theories of paranormal events was tedious, seemed like a personal agenda on the part of the author, and threw me out of the story As far as the info that was actually significant to the main plot, based on the clues provided, I was pretty sure I figured out who the two ghosts were half way through the story, but I kept reading and waiting for the investigator to figure it out hoping there would be an unexpected twist Cree finally figured out who did what and which ghost was which about 75% of the way through the story and made the official reveal with all the dirty details No surprises And this is where Hecht should have summed up the rest of the story in a chapter or two, but the story kept going on and on and on for another 2 hours I was listening to an Audible version I kept listening with an expectation that there could yet be an unexpected twist, but there wasn t.
It was as though the author really liked his characters and just couldn t bring himself to stop writing even though the story was over.