[Kay Hooper] Å Chill of Fear (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #8; Fear #2) [eastern-africa PDF] Ebook Epub Download ß Quentin Hayes and Noah Bishop are part of the FBI s Special Crimes Unit Members use there special talents to investigate the paranormal Hayes keeps returning to an aging resort in Tennessee where a child died twenty five years ago when he and his family were vacationing Diana Brisco has been haunted by strange nightmares and visions most of her life so her doctor suggests she spend some time at this retreat drawing as a way to relax Immediately things start happening She draws a picture of Quentin whom she has never met She sees people in period clothes With everything that happens to her she tries to dismiss them After all, people had told her she had mental problems like her mother which is why she had been medicated most of her life Now drug free, she is still having nightmares and out of body experiences Hayes helps her to face the fact that she isn t crazy She is a medium She has a talent that the Special Crimes Unit can use The ghost of a child leads her to his bones This helps her to finally realize that maybe her father was wrong Maybe she does have a talent This is a creepy tale that moves along at a fast clip The only thing missing was Diana s father She had called to tell him she knew nothing was wrong with her mentally, that she had found a photo with her and one of the ghosts which she now realizes was her sister Her father tells her to stay put He is headed to Tennessee to talk to her but there the author ends it This loose end is never fully explained so the reader is not sure why the father kept the sister a secret, and if he had any involvement in anything that had transpired.
Tension, Romance and Psychic MurdersCHILL OF FEAR is one of the best of the Bishop Special Crime Unit series While I have complained about some of the previous entries because of the short shrift given to the romance in this series of paranormal romantic suspense books, this book is pretty darn good even though it ends with just the beginning of what might be termed the actual romance THE STORY Special Agent Quentin Hayes has been obsessed with a murder that happened twenty five years ago He has returned to the scene of the crime, The Lodge, year and year searching for clues Quentin is a seer, but that talent has not helped him solve the murder When he returns to the Lodge this time, he meets Diana Brisco Diana has been treated for mental illness for most of her life What she doesn t know and Quentin immediately recognizes is that her mental illness is actually a psychic talent Quentin realizes that he and Diana are at the Lodge at the same time for a reason and he struggles to help her accept her talent in order to have her help him solve the series of murders and disappearances that have taken place at the Lodge for a century.
OPINION I loved this book The plotting is intricate and complex and the characters are interesting and compelling There is no romance in the traditional sense The first kiss takes place at the very end of the book, but I found the romance between Quentin and Diana to be satisfying than several of the previous novels in the series The two build a strong, true relationship and Quentin purposely holds off on anything because of the danger the two face The novel is really about Diana discovering and acknowledging her psychic abilities and accepting them I thoroughly enjoyed Diana facing herself and discovering who she truly is.
WORTH MENTIONING There are a bunch of characters that made previous appearances in the series who make cameos Beau Rafferty, the artist makes an important contribution FINAL DECISION I loved this book and was one of the best at working out the psychic element as Diana struggles with accepting her talent.
CONNECTED books CHILL OF FEAR is the eighth book in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit series It is also the second book in the Fear Trilogy that is internal to the series I think, however, this book is truly a sequel to TOUCHING EVIL because many of the characters in that book make an appearance or are mentioned in this book, including Quentin CHILL OF FEAR can be read completely on its own, however.
STAR RATING I give this book a 4.
5 because I was compelled to turn page after page and I was satisfied at the end of it.
New York Times Bestselling Author Kay Hooper Turns Up The Heat Even As She Chills Readers To The Bone With A New Suspense Novel That Distills The Essence Of Fear Itself In This Relentless Thriller, Two Psychics Put Than Their Lives On The Line To Stop A Killer Darker And Evil Than They Could Ever Imagine FBI Agent Quentin Hayes Always Knew He Had An Unusual Talent, Even Before He Was Recruited By Noah Bishop For The Controversial Special Crimes Unit But, As Gifted As He Is, For Twenty Years He S Been Haunted By A Heartbreaking Unsolved Murder That Took Place At The Lodge, A Secluded Victorian Era Resort In Tennessee Now He S Returned One Final Time, Determined To Put The Mystery To RestDiana Brisco Has Come There Hoping To Unlock The Mystery Of Her Troubled Past Instead, She Is Assailed By Nightmares And The Vision Of A Child Who Vanished From The Lodge Years Ago And An FBI Agent Is Trying To Convince Her That She Isn T Crazy But That She Has A Rare Gift, A Gift That Could Catch A KillerQuentin Knows That This Is His Last Chance To Solve A Case That Has Become A Dangerous Obsession But Can He Persuade Diana To Help Him, Knowing What It Could Cost Her For Something Cold And Dark And Pure Evil Is Stalking The Grounds Of The Lodge Something Diana May Not Survive Something Quentin Never Felt Before The Chill Of Fear I ve read one other book by Kay Hooper and it was also 3 stars I didn t love this one I also didn t hate it I liked the way this one started, but somewhere in the middle it started to drag a bit Then again at the end, I was pulled back in I liked Quentin He was a solid character Diana and the other characters were neatly packaged in Sometimes I like that, and sometimes I don t So 3 stars.
The first book I ve downloaded from my public library to Kindle.
too cool I ve been a fan of Kay Hooper s writing since I picked up her first book many years ago Chill of Fear has a little less action than some of her others but, for me, it was just as good The story centers around Diana, a woman coming to terms with her ability as a medium There s mystery, an emerging romance and, of course, the paranormal world of ghosts and extrasensory abilities This is part of the ongoing Bishop Special Crimes Unit series, though it is also broken down into the separate Fear series using specific characters Chill of Fear could be read as a stand alone, though I would suggest reading Hunting Fear, the first in this particular subseries.
5 StarsHaunted hotels with long histories and lots of secrets, paranormal murder mysteries with psychic FBI agents, and a woman who can see ghosts and walk with the dead Chill of Fear pretty much has Ani bait written all over it despite the fact that the summary doesn t really do much justice for the depth of story that this book covers Then again, having so much plot going on in the background as well as so much plot going on in the forefront only tends to make one a little confused Even though all the side stories converged at the very end, I still felt like some things could have been left out.
But no matter, Chill of Fear was very enjoyable And although there was a lot of tacky dialogue and a lot of convenient fated to be placements of events, I chose to go with the flow and enjoy the book.
Our characters were great, even if Diana was a bit stubborn and her stubbornness carried on for longer than I would have liked The historical murder mysteries were interesting, the story progression was smooth, and the atmosphere DID manage to get a bit creepy at times Unfortunately, there was a lot ofthe Universein play for use as a deux ex machina throughout even for a book surrounding a psychic with precognitive abilities and another psychic who can communicate with the dead, usingthe Universeas a means to explain all your answers can seem like a bit of a cop out.
In contrast, however, I still DO enjoy the scientific explanations that the Bishop SCU world gives for the existence of psychic abilities that all humans have the latent ability to be psychic, but that others are just sensitive to the electromagnetic waves generated when we use our brains This is disregarding the fact that some of the psychic abilities present such as precognitive abilities cannot seem to be accounted for by psychics being extra attuned to the electromagnetic pulses generated by other people as well as residual electric stimuli left from extreme emotions.
Because it doesn t explain how you can see the future.
But whatevs I still continue to enjoy these books Chill of Fear follows Quentin Hayes and Diana Brisco as each finds themselves at a place called The Lodge, a secluded, yet fancy little mountain resort, that has a long history of secrets as well as rumors of hauntings.
Quentin has been returning to The Lodge intermittently the past few years since he became law enforcement Twenty five years ago, a young girl had been murdered and there has never been any trace of the killer For twenty five years, Quentin has felt that it was his responsibility to bring justice to Missy s death he was the one who had found her body, he had unofficially adopted her as a little sister for that summer they d met, and he blames himself for not listening to Missy when she tried to tell him that there was something at The Lodge that genuinely had her frightened for her life.
Diana Brisco has spent her entire life medicated for what society deems as abnormal mental health problems Ever since the age of eleven, she has always been experiencing blackouts, seeing and hearing things that shouldn t be there, and generally making all the people around her nervous with her restlessness The only problem is that, despite having been conditioned to believe that she has an illness that needs to be fixed, Diana has always felt that she was normal and able to function properly as a normal human being.
At present, Diana is attending a painting therapy course at The Lodge After her last doctor took her off of all her medications, she actually feels in control of her life and wants to do what she can to keep from being heavily medicated ever again And it is at The Lodge that she meets Quentin who recognizes her immediately, not as a person with an illness, but as a fellow psychic who just needs to realize her abilities and learn how to cope with them.
Diana is a medium, it turns out And the fates have aligned at this present time to bring Diana and Quentin together at The Lodge to put to rest questions that have been plaguing their lives for the past many years Diana s psychic abilities and her connections to The Lodge, Quentin s unending search for answers to Missy s death as well as the deaths and disappearances of many other children that may be associated with The Lodge, and an evil presence that seems intent on remaining at The Lodge forever.
Final Thoughts There is an awful lot going on in Chill of Fear that probably could have been left out or shortened And on top of that, the twists and the conclusions relied very heavily uponthe Universeand how things must happen the way they happen and other such reasons to do with fate and pre ordained events I m not sure I know how to feel about that Chill of Fear had a lot of potential to blossom into an eerie, spine tingling murder mystery and haunted hotel type of storyline, but everything hinged on the existence of an evil presence that was really only there in hindsight and as a background player and finally presents nearing the ending when all is said and done.
The creepiest parts of the book were random and were the fairly classic, I think I see something in my peripheral, but it s not there when I really look , with lights turning off and whispers floating in the air, and even a thunderstorm to mess with a psychic s electromagnetic waves.
Nonetheless, this book managed to keep me hooked and turning the pages to reach the conclusion I enjoyed the book, I enjoyed the characters, and I still continue to enjoy the world of the Bishop SCU series.
Quentin Hayes always knew he was different, even as a child Finally, after joining the FBI s Special Crimes Unit he has a place where he feels he belongs But, Quentin has another problem besides his psychic abilities He experienced a horrible tragedy as a child, while staying at The Lodge This hotel placed in the middle of nowhere Tennessee is quite known for its ability to hide secrets and indiscretions Quentin has made it a lifelong obsession to solve the mystery of his childhood friend Missy s brutal murder, and hopefully solve the other mysterious murders and disappearances connected to this place Can his psychic abilities help him to speak to Missy from beyond the grave Will Quentin find himself in the path of a horrible evil presence Diana Brisco has been in and out of therapy since she was eight years old Doctors and medications have taken away years of her life, and made her believe she is crazy No one can speak to the dead, or can they On her latest doctor s request, Diana retreats to The Lodge for a new kind of therapy, Artistic painting Will it help, or is it another dead end While staying at The Lodge, Diana s nightmare s increase, as well as her blackouts, which transport her to the gray time where ghosts walk freely Will Quentin be able to help Diana realize her gift Will he be able to convince her she is not crazy Will Diana become strong enough to help Quentin discover the evil that has been plaguing The Lodge for the last one hundred years Chill of Fear is a bone chilling mystery The act of being able to put this novel down was beyond my control Kay Hooper grabs you from the very first page, and doesn t let go till the very end I have not had the privilege of reading Kay Hoopers other novels, but if this one is any indication I know she ll grab my attention Kudos to Ms Hooper, and I anxiously await her next bone chilling read I highly recommend this one to anyone interested in the paranormal, mysteries, or psychic phenomenon Great Job

How has this series of 18 or 19 books stayed hidden from me for so long It s exactly up my street a Special Crimes Unit of the FBI which is staffed by psychics, who investigate the oddest events across the USA It deals with the matter of enhanced senses in an entirely practical fashion a matter of science to be discovered, not anything otherworldly.
The series is cleverly arranged in separate trilogies which focus on key characters from the SCU I came in part way through a trilogy with this book, but was so wrapped up in the scenario a series of killings that span decades and directly affect one of the investigators that it worked as a standalone At times it veered a little bit too close to romance and away from thriller , but the procedural aspects of the story were excellent Enjoyable if fairly lightweight entertainment I immediately bought three in the series.
8 10There are many reviews of mystery thrillers over at This is the second in the Bishop Special Crimes Unit Series by Kay Hooper I really liked this one, but probably not as much as the first one.
This novel is based on another member of the SCU You get to know Quentin who was introduced briefly in the first novel of the series, Hunting Fear.
The story line goes in a different direction from Hunting Fear There s still the paranormal, but the crimes being investigated are weird I don t want to divulge any than that It could spoil it for someone.
I like the new characters introduced in this novel Hooper has a way of showing her character s personalities without beating the reader over the head with them She doesn t just flat out describe them and give you snippets of background stories so you know why they do what they do, feel what they feel, and say what they say I like getting to know people in books the same way I get to know people in life I hear what they say, see what they do and from those things I learn what they re like.
The book was fairly fast paced, like Hunting Fear I did feel like things were wrapped up a little too neatly in the end Like, Oh, wait I was going somewhere with this Okay, I ll have one of the characters fill everybody in on how that happened I don t like for things to get all wrapped up quickly and neatly just because the writer got to the number of pages required for their contract That s how it felt a little But, just a little.
So, basically a good read I enjoyed it a lot and I d recommend it to others It even managed to be creepy at times.