✓ Blue Moon Ñ Download by ✓ Laurell K. Hamilton If you want to read a synopsis, there are plenty of places for you to do that elsewhere This is what I thought of the book Though I did end up liking this in the end, for about the first 1 2 of the book, all of the things I don t like about Hamilton s style were out in full force She has a tendency toward cliches, ridiculous repetitiveness Note to Laurell K Hmailton ok, its the 8th book in the effing series if we don t know certain things, we should start from the beginning, but you sure as hell shouldn t tell us those same certain things in each book like its new info, and you REALLY shouldn t just copy and paste we may not recognize it the first time or two it is repeated word for word, but the 6th or 7th Give your readers a little credit Those who pick up a book mid series deserve to be a little confused You just have to trust that your writing alone will make it clear, not your endless reiterations And for god s sake, don t stop in the middle of action and ruin the tension with your little tangents She also needs to pay a little attention to detail, or keep some post it notes, or something, because she contradicts herself on occasion, or bobbles back and forth ie the main character is 25, and she says on a few occasions that Jean Claude is nearly 300 years older than her, putting him somewhere between 300 324 she also frequently states that Jean Claude is over 400 years old Maybe Anita, the narrator, has had a few too many concussions, cause something just aint right There are always so many plot lines going, I think maybe Hamilton just splits her focus too much and gets lost Which unfortunately means her endings can be abrupt and read like an epilogue after thought.
But she did get the book on track, and I did end up liking it and even though there were parts that irritated me especially my inner editor I was never NOT engaged , and though I am sure these bad habits will continue through the rest of the ridiculously long series, I will read it, fixing the defects in my mind as I go.
Side note for those of you who read the series and like your Anita lustful, this one certainly does not disappoint.
Sex, violence, poor plot, irrational prudishness combined with irrational sexual behavior Dont know what else to say really Except wheres Larry The most interesting supporting character has been lost somewhere And wheres Animators Inc Does she even have her job any it is mentioned in the end in one sentence and thats it Oh and Anita is turning into very, VERY unlikeable She isn t satisfied with ANYTHING She gets everything she wants and whines about it Total immature bitch OH and are there any normal and likeable females in LKH s imaginary world No.

Hey, I found out why Richard is such a whiny dick in this book His mother the domineering bitch Nothing like a horrible, bitchy mother who keeps her sons testicles in her handbag, to raise a punk ass, spoiled baby of a son And, don t forget Richard s brother, Daniel, who we meet, and is just as afraid of their smother, I mean mother.
Richard s mommy gets in a bar fight in this book and Anita has to try and stop her because Richard s brother is too afraid to stop mommy dearest Of course, his mother starts hitting Anita and freaking out She s such a classy lady I do like how Anita tells her offBehave like Richard s mother and not his outraged girlfriend How dare you she said She moved closer, I moved away.
Ah, the yelling of how dare you The battle cry of narcissists and old world aristocrats The only how dare you that is justifiedSo, why only two stars Well, one of them is for Asher The other is for Nathaniel and Damian All other stars were deducted for this book being about Richard, the dick.
Richard, the sucky baby, gets thrown in jail for rape So, of course, his family calls Anita, his ex girlfriend to drop everything and run to Tennessee to save his sorry ass And she does Why His family is there His current girlfriend is there Anita isn t a lawyer or cop.
Why her Because reasons, I guess.
So, Anita drops everything and rushes down to help sissy boy Of course the local sheriff in Hicksville is fat, stupid, and crooked Again Sheesh, I guess all small town cops are bumbling crooks who deserve to die There couldn t possibly be any that are friendly, efficient, and law abiding We re on the case of beer So, when the Keystone Cops tell Anita and Richard that all they have to do is leave town in order to get the rape charge dropped, all they have to do is lie and say they will Or, better yet, just leave and let the feds know that the cops are crooked But, no, Richard refuses to leave on the basis that he is an idiot Even when one of the cops has Anita naked and is about to rape her, Richard refuses to just say the words that he will leave to make it stop He s willing for them to torture someone else just as much as they want for his principles Richard can shift into a big ol pussy tooNeedless to say, I was not a big fan of this book The story premise was stupid, there was no Jean Claude, and way too much Dick.
You are making this too complicated Anita Blake is woken in the middle of the night by a call from Daniel, Richard s younger brother It appears while Richard was in Tennessee studying trolls and such for his master s thesis that he has been thrown in jail for rape Anita immediately comes to the rescue, along with Asher, Damien, Jason, Jamil, Cherry, and a few other were s, against the explicit orders of the Master of the City, Colin Can Anita clear Richard s name, keep her troop alive, and learn her burgeoning new abilities I m really on the fence with the rating on this one There were some key plot elements that I liked, but than ever, there were parts that bugged the hell out of me.
I ve never been a fan of Anita I ve always thought she s been b tchy and unlikable, thinking with whatever weapon she has at hand then with her brain But Anita here is somehow evenunlikable than she s been in the last 7 books She calls Cherry a slut on numerous occasions for wearing slutty clothes and then proceeds to wear a velvet midriff baring blouse with a neckline so low she had to wear a special black bra She basically causes the fight with Colin because she insists on barging in and fighting with the native vampires While the situation is critical and people are severely injured, she starts talking about people s sexual orientation, as if it is her business who they have sex with She criticizes Richard for sleeping around, when she cheated on Richard with Jean Claude She is upset when Richard refuses to be monogamous unless Anita dumps Jean Claude but expects Richard to respect her relationship with Jean Claude Anita also makes out with at least THREE guys with whom she is not in a relationship Nathaniel, Asher, and Damien Anita resorts to torture or coercion TWICE in order to obtain information one of those times, she refuses to allow medical treatment until she finds out what she wants and then justifies her actions and becoming the monster She never turns herself in for MURDER and TORTURE.
Okay, so before she was b tchy, trigger happy and impulsive, but at least she didn t commit blatant crimes murder, torture, etc and then come across as the Spotless Pure and Holy Mother of God well, she does hem and haw about becoming the monster.
The books have already started to move away from the formula of the earlier entries and not in a good way I may not have been fond of the Monster of the Week plot device, but at least the earlier books bothered to HAVE a plot, a beginning, middle, and end.
The shame is, there IS a good plot in here I liked Anita leaving to rescue Richard I thought that if we had introduced the troll corrupt cop hidden artifact portion earlier in the novel, we would have a lot stronger of a novel.
Instead, the first half is mainly about Anita making people mad with her big, fat mouth She walks into another vampire s territory, after he told her not to come, and expects him to just lie down and roll over I m sorry, Anita, choices have consequences I m sure if some self important Vampire Hunter because, honestly, when was the last time Anita actually hunted a Vampire barged into Jean Claude s territory, you wouldn t hesitate to jump onto her and scare her away.
Anita s actions end up with Nathaniel badly injured though, if LKH was a good author, Nathaniel would have been DEAD To save his life, Anita has no problems throwing both Damien s AND Asher s lives on the life For ONE GUY That she doesn t know that well and DOESN T EVEN LIKE.
The middle portion is mostly about Anita wanting to hump anything with a d ck As I said above, she makes out with THREE guys she is not in a relationship with and has sex with Richard When she is dating Jean Claude So basically, she is cheating on her boyfriend, YET AGAIN.
The latter portion tries to add a plot, but it s so late in the game, it has to be hastily wrapped up LKH style meaning, Anita talks argues with someone who knows all the answers to the mystery Once again, I am floored that Anita is considered so smart Half of the time, she wanders around having no f ing clue what is going on, asking people over and over and over to explain the plot for her and the audience.
As if this weren t bad enough, the middle and latter halves bring up the first hints of the increased sexuality that I ve heard plagues the latter books Damien reveals to Anita that Jean Claude is basically an incubus also, Anita learns she must be comfortable with sex when dealing with her wereleopards because they are SO SEXUAL RAWR Several times, Anita has to make out, disrobe, or do something sexual for some plot convenience distraction, because of some arcane, never before heard of plot device, etc And then we have so much rape It seems like, in order to show the audience who the bad guys are, LKH has them rape someone and of course, it s usually the females.
I don t think I would mind these so much if it didn t feel so tacked on Sure, the books have always had a sexual bent but never in the earlier books did you have so much talk about sex and its relation to sloppily constructed, silly vampire werewolf wereleopard laws.
And then the clothes I m pretty sure all the men are impotent probably the women too , as it seems no one can find a pair of pants that isn t painted on.
And the writing Good God, LKH has never been the most stellar writer, but at least I didn t have to read the phrase A glob of something thicker than blood a billion times per book in earlier books.
BUT there were parts I liked The plot elements I described, along with a few key characters Asher still seems pretty cool I really enjoyed Jamil who gives the review its title I enjoyed seeing Anita and Richard get back together, and I nearly fainted to see a somewhat competent, powerful female, Marianne And Marianne ACTUALLY MENTORS Anita Anita doesn t know everything OMG This is not the worst of the series but it is close You can already see the shift in the series, and if you didn t like the change in Burnt Offerings , you are probably not going to like it here Which is a shame, because LKH does have some really good ideas that, if she had trimmed away the fat, could have made a really good novel 2.
5 stars rounded down to 2 stars.
First read May 2006Re read July 2017The plot Anita is called away from her home in St Louis to a small town in Tennessee where Richard has been arrested on a rape charge Anita is convinced he is innocent, and with the full moon coming, if Richard isn t freed from jail before then, his parents and his employers will learn he s a werewolf and he could lose everything.
What I liked Blue Moon was a much enjoyable re read than I had been expecting I despise Richard as a love interest and a Richard heavy book was not a re read I thought I d enjoy However he was actually a different, reasonable, likeable character here than he was in the previous novels I probably write this for every Anita Blake review, but the world building is excellent The little details dropped in about the history of Trolls as a species and the different sub species the magic structure of the pack with the munin and the significance of the lupinar the metaphysical abilities the human population such as clairvoyants, witches, and of course necromancers the vampires, the European council, and the different bloodlines that were allowed to go out and make vampires and those that weren t are all fascinating I would love for Hamilton to write a proper guide to Anita s world, putting all these details across all the books together into one comprehensive piece of work Loved the small town setting that took Anita out of her comfort zone The smaller cast of characters meant that we got depth and backstory on some of the lesser characters like Cherry, Zane and Damien That ending view spoiler Hamilton had set up throughout the book just how far Anita was willing to go for those under her protection including risking her own life but I wasn t prepared for the torture scene The demonic appearance that followed was also suitably terrifying, but I did like that Anita s faith still worked against the demon despite how much she has changed over the course of the series so far hide spoiler 4 1 2I reviewed Blue Moon when I read it many years ago but I can t find a copy and can t remember what my thoughts were I m sure I thought it was one of the best books ever because I was still a fangirl and it features a whole hell of a lot of Richard and back then I was a fangirl of him too Now Eh, I can take him or leave him but that s only because the author turned him into an alpha hole of the worst kind and replaced him with likes of Micah and the shifter crew But that s a rant for another day Today we focus on Blue Moon It opens with a phone call where Anita Blake, Vampire Executioner, Necromancer and Protector of all things furry, defenseless and preternaturally sexy, learns that her ex love but not lov er Richard is in jail on rape charges Then vampire lover boy Jean Claude shows up at her door wanting to do the wicked dance just one time before she leaves town to save Richard He s jealous of Richard s studliness and feeling insecure She shoos him away, takes her vampire and shifter entourage and heads out to save the day Jean Claude is barely a blip on the radar again during this book I think he calls in once because he is not allowed to travel to Master of the City vampire Colin s territory, where Richard is being held, or all out war will rage Anita s not allowed either but she says screw it and goes anyway I love that about Anita So, for you Jean Claude fans be warned because this is Richard s book and Nathaniel s book, and Jason, Asher and Damien s too But mostly this book is Richard s turn with Anita She saves his ass only to find out he s been fooling around with all kinds of women which contributed to his current troubles in an attempt to replace her They fight, as usual, but she doesn t have much ground to stand on considering she left him for Jean Claude She still lusts after Richard and what with all of the drama with the beasties and the evil big bad, a few corrupt police officers and the munin raising its horny head, Anita has her hands full.
I m rereading this series on unabridged audio because I originally gave up on it somewhere after the meh Micah and need to refresh my memory if I have any hope of ever completing the series Blue Moon is narrated by Kimberly Alexis who does a great job voicing the tough as nails, increasingly coldish Anita Narrator Alexis is all business and it fits really well She also does a decent job voicing everyone with the exception of Asher and Jean Claude, both who are given faux fancy French accents which make them sound too feminine for comfort My ears bled a little whenever they were speaking But I don t blame the narrator she did the best she could with the source material Some of the other characters sound too similar but I could usually figure out who was speaking pretty quickly.
I really enjoyed this reread I wasn t sure I would but it held up well and kept my attention throughout The characters dealt with a lot of deep crap, Anita had to work through some of her issues and questioned herself and her values I liked this Anita She cares about the people she keeps acquiring and makes tough calls to keep them safe If she s a bit bitchy, hell I would be too This book has some incredibly dark edges I always forget about that and I appreciate it I don t like the sugar coating too many PNR s have these days I have to hand it to Hamilton, she does not flinch while inflicting damage to the innocents in this book Now on to the next one If this had been the first Anita Blake I had read, it would have been the last Anita Blake I had read There is a plot It is an interesting plot even The plot, however, takes a different car than the sex that gets pushed to the fore Yes, I know the correct expresssion is the plot took a back seat to the sex , but the plot is farther back than that The main problem, however, is that in this book I found Anita to be totally unlikable I wanted her to get hit by a Mac truck I also think it is interesting that we are told she is going to be taught to use her newfound powers, but we never see it.
The first several novels in the Anita Blake series are great Funny, scary, a touch gory and a touch sexy As you read each book, you can really see the character development as Anita becomes sure of herself and comfortable with the monsters However, some the later books have deteriorated into little than soft porn for women Not that there s anything wrong with that However, I feel it cheapens the series, which features a great role model in Anita as a women who has accepted that her life works the way it is and makes her happy, even it is not what the rest of the world thinks is normal She is strong, independent, and accepting of her sexuality.
When She Chose Master Vampire Jean Claude Over Her Ex Fianc , Alpha Werewolf Richard Zeeman, Anita Learned That Sometimes Love Is Not Enough But Though She And Richard Won T Be Walking Down Any Aisles, She Can T Turn Her Back On Him When He S Arrested On A Rape Charge In Tennessee Anita Knows Firsthand That Richard Has The Morals Of A Saint Or At Least A Boy Scout But His Guilt Or Innocence Is Not The Issue He S Behind Bars, And In Five Days A Full Moon Will Rise I found Richard to be a little petty in this book it was like tit for tat She hurts him so he becomes a bit of a slut He wants her attention but he doesn t want her help to get him off the rape charges It s so much back and forth The sound effect during the sex scene was weird It was bound to happen though we all saw it coming The crime scene I don t know if I will ever get over how descriptive the author is I mean it s good and bad you know I really enjoyed the connection between Anita and Damien it s interesting and I want to know if it gets stronger if she raises him again as she did before Ahh, Asher was understood how much Anita fears her mind being taken over I am glad it was fast but it kind of broke my heart too I wonder where this is going to take us The development of Anita and Nathaniel too has me intrigued Again enjoying the narration.