[Kay Hooper] Â Blood Dreams (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #10; Blood #1) [tv PDF] Read Online Ò I had a tough time getting through this book It shocked and saddened me.
LOL Kay Hooper is one of my all time favorite authors But this book seemed to drag and I got to the point to where I just didn t care about the main female character I just wanted to get to the end which seemed a bit anti climatic to me.
This was my first Kay Hooper book and I was very intrigued by the concept of a psychic FBI team hunting down a serial killer However, the story fell flat for me I really had high hopes for this series but now I m just not sure if I want to continue with the rest of them I must admit my expectations were a little high I wanted something comparable to the In Death series and maybe I expected to much but to me the story was too rushed and the character development was just not as good as it could have been There was so much that could have been explored and characters that had so much potential and it was very frustrating, as a reader, to leave the book wanting than what was delivered.
not very good This is one in a continuing series of psychic mysteries Hooper has nothing new to say no new angles on the stories no intriguing characters She is simply rewriting previous books In addition, she repeats pages of dialogue 4 5 times, which is just an indication of how lazy the author was in writing it.
I like Kay Hooper books and have followed the Bishop series This book was an ok read for me but left a lot of unanswered questions in the end I guess I will have to read all the three books to decide whether I like this trilogy or not.
I really didn t feel the connection between the protagonists in the book and it felt a little rushed but I hope the other 2 books would give a satisfying end to this trilogy This is 10 in the Bishop Special crimes units series and 1 in the sub blood trilogy I love this series, it s about an FBI unit that is made up of agents with special powers, psychic powers, and now there is also a civilian side, run by the same man, for people who don t work well with all those rules So, XMen, kinda, and Bishop is Professor Xavier The people s powers are starting to change and evolve, from using and pushing them so much, and being around other powerful people And all this time, they re fighting crimes and serial killers, and yes, supernatural serial killers Dani is the main character of this book, and i did not like her She s very cold, shut off, just not a likeable person at all Fortunately, older characters were included, and just the premise and the story of the killer they were tracking was engaging enough The book had very large printing and the page size was small, so the page number is deceptive, because this book went by in two seconds It would have maybe been better to just combine this book with at least the next in the trilogy, if not all three I did have a hard time remembering some things from the past books, so I ll make sure to read the next couple pretty soon Great book, really great series I hope that we really do have a branch of psychics working for the law enforcement, by the way I d think by now they would have covered that.

Each of the books in this series gets interesting than the last The paranormal abilities of each member of the specialized FBI unit is slightly different or evolving from what we have seen other characters have in past books In this book, the plot is twisted and brings together both new characters and past ones we have met before bringing a new level of depth to the book as it isn t starting from scratch introducing entirely new characters A very intriguing twist that just may not be wrapped up in this book If you like a good murder mystery and a touch of the paranormal is also intriguing to you, then this series is for you.
I enjoyed reading this book by Kay Hooper This was the first in a series of 3 She rights a lot of her books that way I don t think I m up for the other 2 right now but I ll catch them later I like the Special Crimes Unit and the fact that the people all have different types of psychic ability There was some suspense and thrills but at times I had problems figuring out what was going on within the story Oh course there is a romance which I can take or leave but evidently these are a most for most books If you haven t tried a Kay Hooper book before, pick one up.
I thought I had read Hooper before and liked her writing this book was a HUGE disappointment The dialogue was so ridiculously contrived that I raced through it just to see what happens at the endonly to find that it s a trilogy I am not going to read 2 books I m sure not to like just to find out I really wish that all books that were part of a series would say so in an obvious place on one of the covers and which number in the series it is This was a complete TIME WASTER.
Tenth book in Kay Hooper s Bishop Special Crimes Unit series about a group of FBI psychics that solve serial killer crimes Dani Justice returns to her hometown of Venture, Georgia to spend time with her twin Paris, following the sister s ugly divorce Both of the twins have psychic abilities Dani can dreamwalk, allowing her to see the future, and Paris can control electricity There are grisly murders in Venture, by a serial killer the SCU has tracked from Boston Women from the small town are missing and the remains of some are chopped to bits and displayed to leave a message The local Sheriff, Mark Purcell, was once Dani s sweetheart, and is open to the SCU s unconventional investigation Dani is wracked with guilt as she is unable to interpret her recurring dream that an SCU Agent is kidnapped, imprisoned in the basement of a burning building, with the serial killer setting a trap for Bishop and his agents I felt that the character development was weak in this one, with too much focus on the identity, motives, and powers of the killer The continuous revisitation of Dani s morphing dream was tiresome.
THIS KILLER DREAMS IN SHADES OF DEATH He S The Kind Of Killer We Instinctively Fear The Most A Killer Without Boundaries, Without Conscience, Without Any Fear Of Being Caught And His Latest Victim Is Terrifying Proof That No One Is Safe The Daughter Of A Powerful US SenatorNow, With The National Media Calling For Justice And A Grief Stricken Father Seeking Vengeance, Bishop And His FBI Special Crimes Unit Find Themselves In A Unique Situation This Time Even Psychic Cops Aren T Enough To Stop Evil Aid Comes In The Form Of A Fledgling Civilian Organization Of Unorthodox Crime Stoppers Operating Outside Of Any Government Oversight, Without Sanction Or Official Authority, They Are Comprised Of A Membership Every Bit As Talented And Eccentric As Bishop S SCU If Not So And That Is No Coincidence For Bishop Helped Launch This Organization Barely Two Years BeforeDani Justice Knows All About Monsters They Haunt Her Nightmares And Her Life But She Never Expected To Find Herself Doggedly On The Trail Of A Real Flesh And Blood Predator So Cunning, He S Eluded The Best Law Enforcement Could Send Up Against Him So Deadly, He Doesn T Hesitate To Kill Even A Senator S Daughter Or A Cop Dani Doesn T Want To Hunt This Killer She Doesn T Want To Risk The Life She S Made For Herself, Or Her Hard Won Peace But She Doesn T Have A Choice Because His Bloody Rampage Has Hit Far Too Close To Home Because Dani Alone Commands A Weapon Powerful Enough To Destroy Him And Because Dani Knows Something Even Bishop Doesn T Dani Knows How The Hunt Ends It Ends In Fire And Blood And Death What She Doesn T Know Is Who Will Survive